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The Imperial Bloodlines are genealogical constructs relating to theKaisership of Shireroth, serving as both a convenient shorthand for the true identity of a Kaiser, and as a blood connection to all the other Kaisers. Under Shirerithian tradition and, often by law, a Kaiser needed to be able to trace his or her blood (or ancestry) to Kaiser Raynor I. As such, belonging to an imperial bloodline means that one is descended from Kaiser Raynor I. Kaisers who have been unable to trace their lineage Kaiser Raynor I are known as Sanglorian.

The current Charter states: "In the event that the Order of Succession is extinguished, the Landsraad shall elect a Kaiser from among the citizenry of the Imperial Republic who are demonstrably descendant from Kaiser Raynor I and provide for new rules of succession in accordance with Imperial law." That is, if no legitimate heirs of the body of Kaiser Ayreon IV are alive, then the Landsraad must act a nobleman or noblewoman who belongs to an imperial bloodline (i.e. not a Sanglorian line) to the Kaisership.

The Major Bloodlines

The following is a list of all the Major Bloodlines of Shireroth, past or present.

It should also be kept in mind that these are not the only Bloodlines; they are only Major by virtue of having produced Kaisers, but there are supposedly many minor Bloodlines, each descended from Raynor I, which are not named in any chronicle.

The organization of the bullets on the list reflects the descent of each Bloodline. Italic ones are only used in genealogical and other academic studies. They are not considered "official" bloodlines.

Sanglorian lines