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The Line of Alexander is an imperial bloodline of Shireroth.

The Line of Alexander is one of the more mysterious of the Imperial Bloodlines. The reign of Kaiser Marcus I ended when he was found dead in his bed with a bone Kris knife lodged into his chest. The Blade had been poisoned, so his death was quick. The Blade was carved in the shape of a snake’s skeleton. Marcus II, his son, died under the same circumstances. Marcus III, however, was not killed; he abdicated the throne and moved to the City of Alexandretta, founded by his grandfather. Shortly after arriving there, he vanished; no body was found and no explanations left. It is believed that the line still lives on to this day, but no evidence has been found to support or deny this claim. The Line of Alexander is considered the Lost Line of Shireroth.

With the abdication of Marcus III, and the ascension of Leto I, came the end of the line of Alexander. It is believed that a mysterious group of Necromancers known as the Hand of Rrakanychan were responsible for the death of Marcus I and II.