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Kaiseress Rei

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Áþamé Issèla Mari Vâstra
AIMV name.svg
A woman with blue skin, black hair, and red eyes, wearing an orange robe and a straw hat
Candid photograph of Áþamé Issèla Mari Vâstra taken at a Firnerámnese beach
117th Kaiser of Shireroth
In office
1577 AN – 1577 AN
Steward Oroigawa Kitsune
Preceded by Carl Jackson (Steward regnant)
Succeeded by Reynardine II

Born Âþamé Issèla Mari Vâstra
1529 AN
Miše, Evari, Firnerámnen
Nationality Firnerámnen Firnerámnese
Domestic partner Þavaltr Ilan
  • Miłarna Tarin
  • Miłarna Seoni
Alma mater Kínelâ College
Religion Ilâþnarâri
Bloodline Ašura
Mother Lady Miłarna Nahiri
Father Fwaí-Pelnâ
Signature Kaiseress Rei's signature
Military service
Nickname(s) Raven
Allegiance Emblem of the Safir Alliance.svg Safir Alliance
Service/branch Combined Starfleet
Years of service 1654 AN1677 AN
Rank Seraph Ardian
Unit 5. Flag Group
Commands SAS Enâra

Áþamé Issèla Mari Vâstra (Classical Âirumâli: /áθamɛ is.sɛ̀la maɾi βâːs.tɾa/), also known as Rei Miłárna (or Milharna; /miɬáɾná ɾɛ.i/) and reigning in Shireroth as Kaiseress Rei I (1577–1579; though she herself preferred to be known as Kaiserin) and sometimes referred to by Micran media as AIMV, is a Firneramnese and Natopian (and, formerly, also Shirerithian) noblewoman and royal. Born in 1529 in Miše, Firneramnen, she has had a long political presence on Micras, often preferring to live on Micras than on her homeworld. Erstwhile Senatrix of Elwynn 1598–1600 (Elw name Реи Миԯарна, Rei Millarna /ʁəi mi.ɬaʁ.na/. Titled Lady of Kin'uyama (Cibolan Saxon: Frau von Kinojarme, Japanese (Walstadt): 金烏山姫 Kin'uyama no Hime) in Natopia (Two Martyrs). Became ruler of Shireroth after a short power struggle after the abdication of Kaiser Cedris I, in lieu of Andreas the Wise, who had obligations in other nations, and therefore was disallowed from receiving the succession.

As Kaiseress, Rei attempted reconciliation with Elwynn. She had a warm relationship with Prince Daniel of Elwynn. They had earlier met during the Safirian occupation of the Holy Lakes, and encouraged him to take charge of the Hurmu monarchy and reestablish the Hurmu state. This warm relationship continued after her abdication in 1579. In terms of internal Shirerithian politics, she legalised political parties (which popularised her with the denizens but put her out of favour with much of the nobility). Moreover, she banned indentured servitude in the Imperial Government, offering all such former servants permanent employment contracts with a guaranteed minimum wage. Again, Rei found her popularity among the common people rise though the nobility detested her politics more and more. More of her louder opponents included Malliki Tosha and Hesam Jahandar Jayatar (a former Babkhan shah and son of Kaiser Hasan I). In response, Kaiserin Rei exiled them "due to their commission of lèse majesté" from the territory of the Imperial Republic. Originally, the Kaiseress had planned to ban even uttering the names of these figures, but she compromised after facing heavy protest from the Landsraad and the Imperial Advisory Council on the matter. After facing more criticism over her reign, Kaiseress Rei abdicated and left the Imperial Republic in 1579.

Rei continued her friendship with Daniel, residing for long periods in Elwynn. She applied for Elwynnese nationality in early 1597, but after recommendations from the Hall of Tranquillity (the security service of the Court of the Prince), her application was rejected. Rei appealed this decision to the Supreme Court, which found in her favour, and was duly naturalised an Elwynnese citizen later the same year. In 1598, she was elected to the Senate of Elwynn. After Elwynn's reintegration with Shireroth, Rei returned to the Landsraad. She would spend more and more time in Kin'uyama, however, considering it her Micran retreat.

Through her role in Kin'uyama, she is active in Natopian politics, particularly relating to what is now called Whales. In 1660, she was appointed to the Natopian Supreme Court. Appointed to the Imperial Council of Natopia in 1716.

Renounced Shirerithian citizenship in the Safirian Exodus of 1663, after which she lost her princely title in Shireroth, made Baroness Milharna instead. Lives in her manor of Kin'uyama in the Two Martyrs.

Preceded by:
Steward Carl I
Kaiseress of Shireroth
Succeeded by
Reynardine II
Preceded by:
Lina VI
Queen of Firneramnen
Safir Empress

Succeeded by
Âmânandrâla VIII