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Imperial Council of Natopia

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Imperial Council of Natopia

The Imperial Coat of Arms of Natopia
Formation 2 Butterary 1648
Type Ad hoc advisory council
Headquarters Vista de Nada Palace
Location Lindstrom City, Natopia
Membership Ministers and Secretaries
Co-Chair Nathan II and Ernesto de la Cruz
Affiliations Imperial Court of Natopia, Imperial Chancellery of Natopia

The Imperial Council of Natopia is the informal name giving to the meetings between the Emperor and his Secretaries of the Imperial Court of Natopia and the Chancellor and his Ministers of the Imperial Chancellery of Natopia. When acting in concert, the Council can issue Orders-in-Council which have a broad range of powers. In 1683 it was given a more permanent status when the Emperor and Chancellor issued an Order-in-Council stipulating that the Council meet regularly to discuss national affairs.


Under the Neo-lindstromist government style, Natopia's cabinet-level officers are divided into "external" and "internal" groups. Generally, the Emperor controls the "external" affairs and appoints Secretaries for foreign affairs, defense, and judicial review. The Chancellor appoints Ministers to oversee the "internal" matters of justice, security, and other interior matters. The rationale is to keep Natopia's foreign policy and sovereignty under long-term guidance under the Emperor, and domestic policy under the control of the Chancellor, elected indirectly by the people through the Frenzy. Prior to the formal creation of the Orders-in-Council system, Emperors and Chancellors frequently collaborated. The Council allows the Secretaries and Ministers to advise the Emperor and Chancellor.


Membership on the Council is defined in the Caprine Code Chapter XIV, Section 1.3, as including the Emperor, Chancellor, and the Secretaries and Ministers under each. When acting in Council, both the Secretaries and Ministers may originate proposed Orders. Meetings of the Council are co-chaired by the Emperor and Chancellor.

Title Name
Emperor of the Natopians Nathan II
Chancellor Ernesto de la Cruz
Secretary for Foreign Affairs Mishti Lohani
Secretary for Defense Pierre Francois
Secretary for Legal Affairs Li Naomiai Avon-El Ayreon-Kalirion
Minister of Information no one yet
Minister of Justice you?
Minister of Security that person
Speaker of the Frenzy Tinker Sprocket