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Edward Carrillo Rothborne

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Edward Carrillo Rothborne
Full name Prince Edward of Alexandria
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Biographical information
Father Emperor Francis Joseph IV
Mother Elizabeth I of Caputia
Spouse Vadoma Rowena Waffel-Paine (m. 1689 AN)
  • Adelaide (b. 1694 AN)
  • Guinevere (b. 1697 AN)
  • Edgard Nathan 3 (b. 1699 AN)
Date of birth 11.XII.1664 AN
Place of birth Triegon, Natopia
Nationality Natopia Natopia

Edward Carrillo Rothborne is a Natopian royal. He is the titular Dauphin of Alexandria, the titular Crown Prince of Caputia, and the Duke of Triegon.

He has four siblings: Princess Andrea (b. 1665 AN), Prince Lewis (b. 1669 AN), Prince Felipe (b. 1671 AN), and Prince Donat (b. 1673 AN).