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House of Carrillo

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House of Carrillo
Coat of Arms
Parent House: House of Artoix
Countries Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie,
Western Natopia Western Natopia,
Eastern Natopia Eastern Natopia
Caputia Caputia,
Constancia Constancia,
Alexandria Alexandria
Founded (AN) 1499 AN
Founder Francis Joseph I & Sybilla of Geneva
Current Head Francis Joseph IV

The House of Carrillo, also known as the House of Carrillo y de Nubinar, is the Imperial House of the late Empire of the Alexandrians. Its members mainly reside in Western Natopia, Eastern Natopia, Constancia, and prominently in Nouvelle Alexandrie, where it is linked to the ruling royal house, the House of Inti-Carrillo. The name of "Nubinar" comes from the native Cibolan name for the Markion river, an important river in the development of Alexandria and the growth of Geneva as a major city. The house was founded by the marriage of Francis Joseph I & Sybilla of Geneva in 1499 AN and the formation of the first Kingdom of Alexandria in Cibola.

The House of Carrillo is also linked by marriage to the House of Waffel-Paine, most prominently through the union of Vadoma I and Edward Carrillo Rothborne, co-sovereigns of Western Natopia since since 1709 AN. The House of Carrillo is also linked to the House of Rothborne through the marriage of the Titular Emperor of the Alexandrians and the Queen of Caputia in 1661 AN.

The House of Carrillo ruled over the Empire of the Alexandrians, a large Micran Empire that existed from 1468 AN to its collapse from a debilitating flu pandemic in 1651 AN. Its long time monarch, Edgard II, died in exile in the city of Dos Gardenias, Natopia in 1658 AN. His son, Francis Joseph IV, became the Titular Emperor of the Alexandrians and currently holds several titles and positions of government in Western Natopia and Eastern Natopia, due to the Natopian division.

The current head of the House of Carrillo is Francis Joseph IV, who is the Titular Emperor of the Alexandrians. The heir apparent is the Titular Dauphin of the Empire and Co-Emperor of Western Natopia, Edward I. The House of Carrillo is governed by the House of Carrillo Association and organized by the New Portela Family Pact of 1663, and at times by some statutes promulgated by Western Natopia, Caputia (past), and Nouvelle Alexandrie.


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The House of Carrillo was founded in 1499 AN, when Francis Joseph I of Franciscania married Sybilla of Geneva and united the realms to create the first Kingdom of Alexandria in the continent of Cibola. This happened following the collapse of the chaotic ancient Kingdom of Madland (1468 AN-1498 AN), initially in Keltia. The migration from continent to continent devastated the population, but enough Madlandians coalesced around the current site where the city of Geneva is in 1467 AN under the leadership of Sybilla of Geneva.

The name Carrillo comes from the early Audente word, carrillus, which refers to the part of your face that is from the top of cheeks to the bottom of your jaw. It came to refer to the early trait of Carrillo monarchs to have rather thick necks, also became "they which carry things well". This inspired the name of Sybilla of Geneva's large star fort outside of Geneva, the Fort of Carrillo. The name Nubinar comes from the native Cibolan name for the Markion river, the important river that cuts through Geneva and served as the historical cradle of the Alexandrian nation.

Recent family tree

Family Pact and Governance

The House of Carrillo is constituted into the House of Carrillo Association, which is an organization for descendants and members of the former Alexandrian Imperial House, the House of Carrillo. It was created in 1658 AN and currently officially registered in Western Natopia, Eastern Natopia, Constancia, Nouvelle Alexandrie, Bastion Union, and Shireroth. It was registered in Caputia and Hamland before than, as well. The New Portela Family Pact of 1663 acts as the main constitutional document for the House of Carrillo Association and is considered a supporting constitutional document in the governments of Nouvelle Alexandrie and Western Natopia.

Registered in nations around Micras, the House of Carrillo Association was founded with the Titular Emperor as its President, and the Dowager Empress Iphigenie as its Vice-President. The late Emperor's brother Prince Enrique serves as its Secretary of Finance. As the first Act of the Foundation, all unions, treaties, and family pacts between the House of Carillo and the House of Ettlingar-Freyu were repudiated and dissolved by a unanimous vote of the Foundation and all its members. This was further confirmed by the Cortes Federales of Nouvelle Alexandrie in {[AN|1689}} and by the Frenzy of the Bovic Empire of Natopia in 1688 AN.

The House of Carrillo employs many Alexandrians and Caputians in the operation of multiple charities and aid networks for the Alexandrian and Caputian diaspora around Micras. One of the largest employers is the Alexandrian Fund, which raises money and runs many important programs to help the Alexandrian diaspora settle in Alduria, Natopia, Ransenar, and the Wechua Nation. The Alexandrian Fund reached close to ₦300 billion Natopos (₦) in 1701 AN, most of it in stock, bonds, and investments in infrastructure and commerce in Raspur Pact nations. The House of Carrillo Foundation also co-administers (with the Académie Alexandrin) a large endowment fund to protect the Alexandrian cultural and linguistical legacy, the Imperial Culture Fund, that reaches over ₦400 billion Natopos (₦), fed mainly by the income of syndication and derivative works from Alexandrian cultural legacies. The House of Carrillo also hold control of Caputian assets through the House of Rothborne and the Titular Emperor's marriage to Queen Elizabeth I of Caputia, which number in several hundred billion Natopos (₦) more which remain unknown.

Imperial Order of Saint Luis the Protector

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