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Saif Ad-Din ibn Salah Ad-Din Al-Lusirni

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Saif Ad-Din ibn Salah Ad-Din Al-Lusirni
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Saif Ad-Din
Full name Saif Ad-Din ibn Salah Ad-Din Al-Lusirni
AKA Saif Ad-Din
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Biographical information
Father Salah Ad-Din Al-Lusirni
Mother Elisabeth Asara des Vinandy
Spouse Anika Chloé Çakar
Date of birth 1702 AN
Place of birth Vrijplaats
Residence(s) Vrijplaats
Nationality Kurum Ash-Sharqian
Allegiance(s) Kurum Ash-Sharqia
Occupation Prince of Kurum Ash-Sharqia

Saif Ad-Din ibn Salah Ad-Din Al-Lusirni, Prince of Kurum Ash-Sharqia (Vrijplaats, 1702 AN), is the oldest son of Sultan Salah Ad-Din I and his wife Elisabeth Asara des Vinandy.

In 1718 AN he was nominated Crown Prince.

The Order of As-Saif was established at the birth of prince Saif Ad-Din and named after him. He was awarded the Grand Cordon of this order at his 18th birthday.

Marriage and issue

In 1723 AN he married Anika Chloé Çakar.

They had several children

Titles and honors


Title/honor Date Notes
Prince of Kurum Ash-Sharqia 1702 AN
Crown Prince of Kurum Ash-Sharqia 1718 AN
Grand Cordon of the Order of As-Saif 1720 AN Awarded at his 18th birthday


Country Title/honor Date Notes
Hurmu Hurmu Knight of the Holy Lakes 1702 AN As a birth member through his mother