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Ereteken van Nieuw-Batavië

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Ereteken van Nieuw-Batavië
Awarded by New Batavia Grand Vizier of New Batavia
Type Medal
Awarded for Merits for the Republic
Status Active
Established 2021-11-30

The Ereteken van Nieuw-Batavië (Badge of Honor of New Batavia) is an award of distinction of New Batavia. The Ereteken was first awarded at the first anniversary of the Fourth Republic: November 30, 2021.

The decoration has two degrees:

  • 1st class, reserved for foreign heads-of-state and high dignitaries and former presidents of New Batavia
  • 2nd class


The Ereteken is formally awarded by the Grand Vizier, but can be presented ceremonially by the President.

First class

Picture Recipient Date Notes
Saladin Saladin 2021-11-30 Former Sadr and President of New Batavia (2010-2021)
Nick Perry Nick Perry 2022-11-30 President of Mercury
Awarded as a token of appreciation and gratitude of the New Batavian people towards Mercury
Jaaguzan Jaaguzan 2023-07-10 Shahanshah of Çakaristan
Awarded at the signing ceremony of the Treaty between Çakaristan and New Batavia
Mehmet Arslan Mehmet Arslan 2023-11-30 Former President of New Batavia (2021-2023)
Craitman H. Pellegrino Craitman H. Pellegrino 2023-11-30 As a token of appreciation for his long service to the MCS and to micronationalism.
Said Ad-Din I Saif Ad-Din I 2024-04-05 Sultan of Kurum Ash-Sharqia
Awarded at the state visit of the Sultan to New Batavia.

Second class

Picture Recipient Date Notes
Frans Frans 2021-11-30 Father of the Nation
Redouan van Lucerne Redouan van Lucerne 2021-11-30 Former Grand Vizier of New Batavia
In office during the restoration of the Third Republic and the establishment of the Fourth Republic.
Fairouz Farhani Fairouz Farhani 2023-11-30 Former Grand Vizier of New Batavia
Harun Kurumi Harun Kurumi 2023-11-30 Former Grand Vizier of New Batavia

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