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New Batavian Green Party

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New Batavian Green Party
Nieuw-Bataafse Groene Partij
Leader Anissa bint Ali
Nation New Batavia
Founded 2023-01-07
Headquarters Lucerne
Political ideology Environmentalism
Political position left
Colours Teal
Parliamentary seats
8 / 100

The New Batavian Green Party (Nieuw-Bataafse Groene Partij), (NBGP) is a political party in New Batavia. It was founded on 2023-01-07. It's a leftist environmentalist party.


  • An economy free of fossil fuels
  • Establishment of national parks and nature reserves
  • Firm action against companies that don't comply with environment regulations
  • Lowering the age of retirement
  • Direct election of the Grand Vizier, governors and mayors
  • Prohibition of the production of weapons and parts of weapons throughout New Batavia

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