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City Hall
City Hall
Country New Batavia
Governorate Al-Khaliej
Founded 2020
Population (2021)
 • Total 2,500,000
 • Dutch 97 %
 • English 3 %

Patriottenbaai is a city in New Batavia and the capital of the governorate of Al-Khaliej.

The city is the economic capital of New Batavia. Its economy is mainly transport, finance and services. Patriottenbaai has a large natural bay where the seaport is located. The University of Patriottenbaai is one of the most important and leading universities of New Batavia.


The city is home to several football and ice hockey clubs, like Verbroedering Patriottenbaai, Purple White FC, VV Patriottenbaai and Patriottenbaai Haven IJSC.

Famous citizens