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Governorates of New Batavia

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Governorates of New Batavia

The governorates of New Batavia (Dutch: gouvernement, Arabic:محافظة / Muhafazah) were first established in 2021. There are currently 12 governorates.

On August 31, 2021 Al-Ard Al-Moestasliha and Dar Al-Hoeriya peacefully seceded from New Batavia and formed Kurum Ash-Sharqia.

Government and competences

The government and the competences of the governorates are ruled by the Act local government 2021.

The central government appoints the governors. They are responsible for executing national legislation within their respective governorates, as well as making policy on a number of competences:

  • Education
  • Culture
  • Civil engineering
  • Economy
  • Local government of cities and towns


Governorate Est. Population Main economy Capital
Al-Akhdar 2021-06-23 900.000 Agriculture, livestock, forestry Feniks
Al-Khaliej 2021-04-04 5.600.000 Services, finance, transport Patriottenbaai
Al-Moestanqa'at 2021-04-04 1.200.000 Forestry, eco-tourism Wittensteen
As-Saahil Al-Gharbie 2021-06-23 3.250.000 Industry, technology, transportation, services Wetshaven
Broeksiel 2021-04-04 350.000 Tourism, Livestock Broekszaal
Dar Al-Janoeb 2021-04-04 3.900.000 Heavy industry Nedersticht
Haasil 2023-06-23 950.000 Industry, agriculture, tourism Farhaan
Kurum Al-Asghar 2021-06-23 2.500.000 Technology, services Saladinstad
Lucerne 2021-04-04 4.050.000 Services, government, transport Lucerne
Nieuw-Hazar 2023-09-01 125.000 Shipbuilding, logistics, crafts Yasilyurt
Kabyk 2023-09-01 35.000 Subsistance farming Kabyk
Haasil Al-Thaani 2023-09-01 1.490.000 Agriculture, livestock Bekkeballei
Total 24.350.000