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Liberal Party of New Batavia

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Liberal Party of New Batavia
Liberale Partij van Nieuw-Batavië
Leader Khadija van Neerlinde
Nation New Batavia
Founded 2021-10-12
Headquarters Lucerne
Political ideology liberal democracy
Political position centre right
Colours Blue
Parliamentary seats
28 / 100

The Liberal Party of New Batavia (Liberale Partij van Nieuw-Batavië, LPNB) is a political party in New Batavia. It was founded on 2021-10-12 by some remaining members of the South Corum Independence Party, which had been dissolved earlier that month. The party adheres to liberal democratic principles like individual liberty, "small government" and secularism.


  • Extension of visa free travel to all nations on Micras, open up NBA for tourism and trade
  • Free trade agreements with befriended nations to boost international trade
  • Less bureaucracy, smaller government
  • Flat tax

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