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Laws of New Batavia

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An act or law of the Islamic Republic of New Batavia is passed by the Majlis-ash-Shoera and signed into law by the President. Before a law can be voted on, it needs the advice of the Islamic Diwan, though this advice is not binding.

This is an overview of acts since the Fourth Republic Era.

Acts general

Official title English title Subject matter Singed into law
Kieswetboek 2010 Electoral Code 2010 Regulates the appointment of the Electoral Commission, the elections of the Majlis-ash-Shoera, the President and the organization of referendums 2010-11-08
Wet nationale symbolen 2020 Act national symbols 2020 Regulates the national symbols of the Republic and gives the power to government to arrange for the symbols of government institutions and local governments. 2020-12-01
Wet sportfederaties 2020 Act sports federations 2020 Regulates the free establishment of sports federations and gives Government the power to recognize sports federations to represent New Batavia in international competitions and tournaments. 2020-12-10
Wet lokaal bestuur 2021 Act local government 2021 Establishes governorates and regulates the nomination of governors as well as their competences. 2021-04-04
Wet opvolging ambtsdragers 2021 Act succession office holders 2021 Regulates the succession of the President, members of the Majlis-ash-Shoera and the cabinet in case of temporary absence, resignation, etc. 2021-05-03
Gerechtelijk wetboek 2021 Judicial code 2021 Regulates the judicial system, procedure, courts and appointment of judges. 2021-05-28
Wet vrij verkeer van personen 2021 Act free movement of persons 2021 Makes the free movement of persons the norm, the Government can impose exceptions by means of an executive decree. 2021-11-16
Wet ereteken 2021 Act badge of honor 2021 Introduces the "badge of honor of New Batavia". 2021-11-29
Wet hoger onderwijs 2023 Act higher education 2023 Regulates the foundation, recognition and governance of colleges and universities. 2023-06-17
Wet openbaarmaking van regelgeving 2023 Act publication of regulation 2023 Regulates the publication of regulation via MicrasWiki and makes the forum obsolete. 2023-07-12

Acts specific

Official title English title Subject matter Singed into law
Wet opheffing oude wetgeving 2020 Act repealing old legislation 2020 Repeals the Administrative Code 2010, Electronic Code 2010, Judiciary Code 2010, Civil Code 2011, Criminal Code 2011 and the Act on the national currency 2011. 2020-11-12
Wet volmacht gebiedsuitbreiding 2021 Act power of attorney expansion 2021 Authorizes the government to negotiate an expansion of territory on Micras and regulates citizenship rights and city rights in the new territories. 2021-06-04
Wet volksraadpleging afscheiding 2021 Act referendum secession 2021 Authorizes the government to organize a referendum in every governorate on the question of secession. 2021-07-28
Wet afscheiding en erkenning Kurum Ash-Sharqia 2021 Act secession and recognition Kurum Ash-Sharqia 2021 Regulates the secession of two governorates, the division of state assets and bilateral ties between New Batavia and Kurum Ash-Sharqia. 2021-08-31

Acts repealed