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Lucerne (governorate)

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For other uses, see Lucerne (disambiguation).
Country New Batavia
Established 2021-04-04
Capital Lucerne
 • Governor TBD
Population (2021)
 • Total 4,100,000
 • Dutch 90 %
 • English 10 %

Lucerne is a governorate and an island of the Islamic Republic of New Batavia. It was established as a governorate in 2021 AD, but has a history that dates back to 2007 AD. The island's economy consists mainly of government services, services in general and transport.


The island that is today the governorate of Lucerne, was originally settled as the Federal Kingdom of New Batavia, which was a province of the Virtual United Provinces. Its capital was the city of Lucerne. After the demise of the IIR, a successor of the Virtual United Provinces, the island was claimed by Mercury as the dependency of Lusa in 2012 AD. The city of Lucerne was renamed to Lusa'aii.

After the 2020 eruption of Montaña Blanca the island was vacated. On October 31st, 2020, the island was reclaimed by the restored Islamic Internet Republic. The IIR renamed itself to New Batavia. In 2021 the island was incorporated as the governorate of Lucerne.

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