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Free State of Antwerp
Vrijstaat Antwerpen
Country Virtual United Provinces
Established 2007-01-14
Disestablished 2008-06-11
Capital Antwerp
 • Type Direct democracy
 • Regent Calvin Klein
Population (2007)
 • Total 2
 • Dutch 100 %

The Free State of Antwerp (Vrijstaat Antwerpen) was a province of the Virtual United Provinces. It was founded on January,14 2007. On January 21, 2007 it ratified the Union of Utrecht 2007, forming the United Provinces with the Free State of Ghent. On June 11, 2008 all provincial autonomy was given up and the free state ceased to exist.

Politics and culture

Antwerp was a direct democracy with a somewhat bureaucratic culture. The provincial constitution (full text) stipulated that legislative power resided with the entire populace. The Head-of-state and chief executive was the regent, who was also directly elected. Calvin was the province's only regent.


On May 17, 2007 the Antwerp University of Law (Universitaire Rechtsfaculteit Antwerpen) was founded. On October 24, 2007 it merged with the University of Ghent to form the University of Law of Antwerp en Ghent (Universitaire Rechtsfaculteit van Antwerpen en Gent or URAG). The URAG specialised in both federal and provincial law and awarded the titles of bachelor and master. Frans was the first and only rector of the university.