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New Batavia (province)

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This article is about the province of New Batavia. For the country, see New Batavia.
Federal Kingdom of New Batavia
Bondskoninkrijk Nieuw-Batavië
Flag of New Batavia
Country Virtual United Provinces
Established 2007-07-02
Disestablished 2008-02-07
Capital Lucerne
 • Type Constitutional monarchy
 • King Arkadius II
 • Minister-President Jonas Windsor
Population (2007)
 • Total 2
 • Dutch 100 %

The Federal Kingdom of New Batavia (Bondskoninkrijk Nieuw-Batavië) was a province of the Virtual United Provinces. It joined the union on July 2, 2007. On February 7, 2008 the provincial government left New Batavia, effectively reverting the province to a federally administered territory. The province's capital was Lucerne. This city was later part of Mercury and was also the seat of the Government-in-exile of the Islamic Internet Republic since September 20, 2013. The island of the former province of New Batavia was incorporated as the governorate of Lucerne in 2021 AD.

Culture and politics

King Arkadius II

New Batavia based its culture on the Kingdom of Batavia. All residents were also citizen of Batavia. The Batavian King was also the King of the province, at that time Arkadius II.

According to the province's constitution (full text), legislative power was vested in the Congres, which was elected every two months. The Minister-President was the head-of-government. Jonas Windsor was the province's only Minister-President.

Some prominent Batavian politicans regularly argued that New Batavia should be annexed, which increased tensions between the Republic and Batavia. On 10 August 2010 the Batavian Minister-President Gustaaf Vermeylen issued a statement that Batavia would never claim the territory of New Batavia, effectively recognizing the Republic's claim.