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President of New Batavia

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President of New Batavia
Seal of the president of New Batavia.png
Presidential seal
Sulayman Salem.jpg
Sulayman Salem
since 2023-04-15
Style Meneer de President or Mevrouw de President
Residence Lucerne
Appointer Election
Term 6 months
Inaugural holder Frans
Formation 2007-01-20

The President of New Batavia is the ceremonial head-of-state of the Islamic Republic of New Batavia. The office is regulated by the Constitution. The President is elected via general election for a six months term.

Saladin was the nation's longest serving president, from 2010 AD to 2021 AD. He left office to become Sultan of Kurum Ash-Sharqia.

Powers and duties

The presidential standard
The presidential standard

The constitution clearly defines the president as a ceremonial head-of-state and explicitly prohibits giving the president any other powers than those stipulated by the constitution.

  • The president is the chairman of the Majlis-ash-Shoera
  • He ceremonially appoints the Grand Vizier, who needs a majority in the Majlis-ash-Shoera
  • He promulagates laws
  • He proposes the appointment of judges to the Majlis-ash-Shoera

Reserve powers

The president is the "guardian of the constitution". He can decide to not sign an act of the Majlis-ash-Shoera into law, if he feels the act violates the constitution. The act is then referred to the Supreme Court. In case the Supreme Court rules the act is constitutional, the president has to sign the act into law.

On December 13, 2020 the President refused to the sign the treaty between Hurmu and New Batavia because it was in English. The Supreme Court followed the President's argument. The treaty was translated into Dutch and re-submitted to the Majlis-ash-Shoera.

The president may be given emergency powers in case of "inactivity". This is a relic of the old Second Republic when micronationalism was differently organized.

Order of succession

The Act succession office holders 2021 regulates the presidential order of succession.

No. Office Incumbent
1 The Vice Chairman of the Majlis-ash-Shoera TBD
2 The Grand Vizier Muzaffar de Lange
3 The Vice Grand Vizier TBD
4 The Vizier of Home Affairs TBD
5 The vizier with the highest seniority in the cabinet, etc. TBD
6 The member of the Majlis-ash-Shoera with the highest seniority, etc. TBD
7 The Chief Justice Abdullah van Nedersticht


Coat of arms of New Batavia.png
History of New Batavia

Prinsenvlag.gif First Republic (2007-2008)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Second Republic (2008-2010)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Third Republic (2010-2011)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Government-in-Exile (2011-2020)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Third Republic Restoration (2020-2020)
New Batavia flag.png Fourth Republic (2020-present)

Portal New Batavia

The Virtual United Provinces were established in 2007 and featured a presidential system of government. The Stadtholder (Stadhouder) was the chief executive. In 2008 the nation became a parliamentary republic and the office of President or Chairman (Voorzitter van de Republiek) was created. Since then, the office didn't change much, except for the actual title. It was changed to Sadr in 2010 and again to President in 2020.


This is a list of heads-of-state of New Batavia and its predecessor states.

# Picture Name Period Party
First Republic (Stadtholder)
1 Frans Frans 2007-03-23 - 2008-06-13 Independent
Second Republic (President)
acting Frans Frans 2008-06-14 - 2009-01-31 Patriotic Alliance
2 Blank man placeholder.svg Calvin Klein 2009-02-01 - 2009-08-10 Independent
3 Alejandro Gonzalez Alejandro Gonzalez 2009-08-11 - 2010-02-16 Independent
4 Nihill Romez Nihill Romez 2010-02-17 - 2010-05-16 Fresxa Komenci
acting Blank man placeholder.svg Jef Vermussen 2010-04-28 - 2010-05-11 Fresxa Komenci
5 Saladin Saladin 2010-05-17 - 2010-06-28 Islamic Revolutionary Party
Third Republic (Sadr)
5 Saladin Saladin 2010-06-29 - exile Islamic Revolutionary Party
Government-in-exile (Sadr)
5 Saladin Saladin 2011-07-04 - restoration Islamic Revolutionary Party
Third Republic Restoration (Sadr)
5 Saladin Saladin 2020-11-10 - Fourth Republic Islamic Revolutionary Party
Fourth Republic (President)
5 Saladin Saladin 2020-11-30 - 2021-04-30 Islamic Revolutionary Party
2021-05-01 - 2021-09-26 Islamic Revolutionary Party
acting Fairouz Farhani Fairouz Farhani 2021-09-27 - 2021-10-14 Islamic Revolutionary Party
6 Mehmet Arslan Mehmet Arslan 2021-10-15 - 2022-04-14 Islamic Revolutionary Party
2022-04-15 - 2022-10-14 Islamic Revolutionary Party
2022-10-15 - 2023-04-14 Islamic Revolutionary Party
7 Sulayman Salem Sulayman Salem 2023-04-15 - 2023-10-14 Islamic Revolutionary Party
2023-10-15 - 2024-04-14 Islamic Revolutionary Party
2024-04-15 - 2024-10-14 Islamic Revolutionary Party