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Abdullah van Nedersticht

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Abdullah van Nedersticht
Abdullah van Nedersticht.jpg
Full name Abdullah van Nedersticht
AKA De Rechter
Physical information
Species Human
Race Batavian
Gender Male
Hair color and style black
Eye color brown
Skin color white
Biographical information
Father Gregory van Nedersticht
Mother Yasmina Al-Qalam
Date of birth 1649 AN
Place of birth Lucerne
Residence(s) Lucerne
Nationality New Batavian
Occupation Judge

Abdullah van Nedersticht is a New Batavian lawyer and scholar who serves as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Batavia. He is known for his adherence to the concept of Islamic Democracy, a subject on which he has authored several books. After career as a lower judge and legal scholar, van Nedersticht was appointed Chief Justice by President Saladin in 1691 AN.