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Islamitische Republiek Nieuw-Batavië

Welcome to the government website of the Islamic Republic of New Batavia, a Dutch speaking nation on Micras.

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New Batavia is a Dutch speaking interactive geofiction project based on the world of Micras. Interactive geofiction, often called "micronationalism", is a kind of internet-based game in which the different creators let their creations (in this case, their nations) interact with each other. This often means that different fictional countries on the same planet engage in diplomatic relations, trade, warfare, and so forth.

New Batavia is an Islamic Republic with a parliamentary form of government. The president is the ceremonial head-of-state. The government is headed by the Grand Vizier. Legislative power is vested in the Majlis-ash-Shoera. There is also an adivisory branch of government, vested in the Islamic Diwan.




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Coat of arms of the city of Lucerne

The city of Lucerne is the capital of New Batavia and of the goverorate of Lucerne. It was founded in 2007 AD as the capital of the Federal Kingdom of New Batavia, which was one of the Virtual United Provinces. Mid-2012 the city was settled by Mercury and renamed to Lusa'aii. In 2013 the Government-in-Exile of the Islamic Internet Republic was offered sanctuary in the city. After the restoration of the IIR the city became the de-facto capital. On November 30, 2020 the nation was renamed to New Batavia and Lucerne became its official capital.

The city has a population of about 4 million people. An overwhelming majority of its citizens speak Dutch.

Lucerne gave its name to the royal house of Kurum Ash-Sharqia: the House of Al-Lusirni.

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Featured picture

City Hall of Patrottenbaai

The city hall of Patriottenbaai is the seat of the local city council, the mayor and the alderman of Patriottenbaai. The city is the capital of the governorate of Al-Khaliej. It's an important hub for transport, services and finance and hence the economic capital of New Batavia.

The original picture features the "district house" of Borgerhout, part of the Flemish city of Antwerp. It was built between 1886 en 1889 in Flemish renaissance revival architecture and was designed by brothers Leonard and Henri Blomme.

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