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Grand Vizier of New Batavia

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Grand Vizier of New Batavia
Coa Grand Vizier of New Batavia.png
Coat of arms of the Grand Vizier
Muzaffar de Lange.jpg
Muzaffar de Lange
since 2023-11-04
Style Meneer de Grootvizier or Mevrouw de Grootvizier
Residence Lucerne
Appointer President of New Batavia
Term 4 months
Inaugural holder Floris V
Formation 2008-06-11

The Grand Vizier of New Batavia (Grootvizier) is the head-of-government of the Islamic Republic of New Batavia. The office is regulated by the Constitution.

Appointment and duties

The Grand Vizier is ceremonially appointed by the President, but needs a majority in the Majlis-ash-Shoera. He then appoints the other viziers in his cabinet. He presides over the meetings of the cabinet. The viziers have the duties and powers bestowed on them by the constitution and the laws of New Batavia.

The Grand Vizier has the power to grant pardons.


Coat of arms of New Batavia.png
History of New Batavia

Prinsenvlag.gif First Republic (2007-2008)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Second Republic (2008-2010)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Third Republic (2010-2011)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Government-in-Exile (2011-2020)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Third Republic Restoration (2020-2020)
New Batavia flag.png Fourth Republic (2020-present)

Portal New Batavia

The Virtual United Provinces were established in 2007 and featured a presidential system of government. The Stadtdolder (Stadhouder) was the chief executive. In 2008 the nation became a parliamentary republic and the office of Prime Minister (Eerste Minister) was created. Since then, the office didn't change much, except for the actual title, which was changed to Grand Vizier in 2010.


This is a list of the heads-of-government of New Batavia and its predecessor states.

# Picture Name Appointment Party
First Republic (Stadtholder)
- Frans Frans 2007-03-23 Independent
Second Republic (Prime Minister)
1 Floris V Floris V 2008-06-14 Independent
2 Alejandro Gonzalez Alejandro Gonzalez 2008-11-12 Independent
3 Jeroen van Veen Jeroen van Veen 2008-12-17 Independent
4 Frans Frans 2009-04-19 Patriotic Alliance
5 Nihill Romez Nihill Romez 2009-06-01 Fresxa Komenci
6 Blank man placeholder.svg Max 2010-01-04 Independent
7 Blank man placeholder.svg Jef Vermussen 2010-02-21 Fresxa Komenci
8 Frans Frans 2010-05-24 Islamic Revolutionary Party
Third Republic (Grand Vizier)
9 Blank man placeholder.svg Jef Vermussen 2010-07-01 Allied with the IRP
10 Xander Xander 2010-12-21 Islamic Revolutionary Party
Government-in-exile (Grand Vizier)
10 Xander Xander 2011-04-19 Islamic Revolutionary Party
11 Frans Frans 2013-09-21 Islamic Revolutionary Party
12 Soufiane Khan.jpg Soufiane Khan 2014-12-11 Islamic Revolutionary Party
13 Hamit Abdul Hamit Abdul 2017-02-12 Islamic Revolutionary Party
14 Redouan van Lucerne Redouan van Lucerne 2017-02-18 Islamic Revolutionary Party
15 Hamit Abdul Hamit Abdul 2018-11-16 Islamic Revolutionary Party
16 Faisal Van Looveren Faisal Van Looveren 2020-08-29 Independent
17 Zakaria Bennani.jpg Zakaria Bennani 2020-09-15 Islamic Revolutionary Party
18 Redouan van Lucerne Redouan van Lucerne 2020-10-05 Islamic Revolutionary Party
19 Faisal Van Looveren Faisal Van Looveren 2020-10-22 Independent
Third Republic Restoration (Grand Vizier)
20 Redouan van Lucerne Redouan van Lucerne 2020-10-31 Islamic Revolutionary Party
Fourth Republic (Grand Vizier)
20 Redouan van Lucerne Redouan van Lucerne 2020-11-04 Islamic Revolutionary Party
21 Fairouz Farhani Fairouz Farhani 2021-02-03 Islamic Revolutionary Party
22 Harun Kurumi Harun Kurumi 2022-11-02 Islamic Revolutionary Party
23 Rania Lucius Rania Lucius 2023-03-13 Democratic Social Movement
24 Muzaffar de Lange Muzaffar de Lange 2023-11-04 Islamic Revolutionary Party

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