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Nihill Romez

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Nihill Romez
Nihill Romez
AKA Smoer Ravot, Lhin
Physical information
Gender male
Biographical information
Nationality Dutch, Batavian, Flemish, Arzanian, Brabantian
Allegiance(s) Netherlands, Batavia, Flanders
Occupation Prime Minister of the Netherlands, President of the Netherlands, Prime Minister of Batavia

Nihill Romez was a politician in the Netherlands and Batavia. In Flanders Mayo and Charlotta he was known as Smoer Ravot while in Arzania it was just Smoer. In the Democratic People's Republic of Brabantia he was active under the name of Lhin.


He started his career in micronations as "Smoer" in the Ancient Greek influenced nation of Arzania. It did not take long for him to become minister of Plato, and shortly after he even managed to become the president of the nation. After a dispute with the founder of the nation, he and his right hand heracleitos attempted a coup and succeeded, succesfully banning the opposition and confiscating all government funds on the old MX2 banking system. This sadly had reverse effects and other citizens left the country, turning Arzania in an inactive micronation.


Smoer Ravot was active as a politburo member and sources say he was most active within the Secret Service of Charlotta.


In the economic powerhouse of Mayo he was mainly active as the leader of the Arzanian Quality Company, a big media concern. They were most known for their television broadcasts with actual footage, which was a first for micronations back then.


After turning Arzania into a dictatorship, Smoer's credibility was severely damaged so he joined Brabantia under the name of Lhin. Brabantia was created by Jonas Windsor, back then very new to micronations. Lhin managed to earn his trust and have a massive influence on the direction the founder Jonas wanted to go with Brabantia. Half of all governments Brabantia ever had were led by Lhin as president and later chancelor.

Netherlands and IIR

Nihill Romez' party, Fresxa Komenci, became an important force in the National Assembly. Nihill secured the office of Prime Minister and later also became President. Frans accused Romez of neglecting the use of the country's national wiki, thereby abandoning, in Frans' view, the second founding principle of the country (besides federalism, which had already been abandoned previously), he considered the nation to be lacking seriousness and referred to it as a 'banana republic'.

President Romez was apparently removed by a coup, with the coupists abusing forum powers, temporarily prohibiting him from accession to the country's forum. The allegations of this being a coup were denied by Saladin, a newcomer whom Romez believed to be the same person as Frans and whom he believed to have been behind the recent events. Romez, in turn, was being accused of being a Batavian mole. Romez' forced absence allowed for Prime Minister Vermussen to assume presidential powers, and call for new presidential and pariamentary elections. This lead to the establishment of the Islamic Internet Republic. Personal antagonism between Frans and Nihill Romez reached a climax in the months after that. Government formation was extremely difficult. Sadr Saladin announced to go into exile on July 4th, 2011.


In Batavia Nihill Romez was an MP for several years. He held the office of Prime Minister from 1557 AN to 1560 AN for the Republican Left-party.


In Flanders he was known as Smoer Ravot. He was an MP and ran for president in 2011 AD.

Preceded by:
Prime Minister of the Republic of the Netherlands
2009-06-01 - 2010-01-03
Succeeded by
Preceded by:
Alejandro Gonzalez
President of the Republic of the Netherlands
2010-02-17 - 2010-05-16
Succeeded by
Jef Vermussen