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Flag of New Batavia

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Flag of New Batavia
New Batavia flag.png
Use national flag
Adopted 2020 AD
Design Drie horizontale banen, van oranje, wit en zwart. De witte baan wordt aan beide kanten groen gezoomd en heeft centraal een omgewende wassenaar van groen.
Designer Alperen

The current flag of New Batavia was adopted on December 1, 2020. It was designed by Alperen.


Scheme Orange Green White Black
RGB (255,153,51) (51,115,33) (255,255,255) (0,0,0)
HEX #FF9933 #337321 #FFFFFF #000000

Presidential standard


Historical flags

Coat of arms of New Batavia.png
History of New Batavia

Prinsenvlag.gif First Republic (2007-2008)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Second Republic (2008-2010)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Third Republic (2010-2011)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Government-in-Exile (2011-2020)
Islamicinternetrepublic.gif Third Republic Restoration (2020-2020)
New Batavia flag.png Fourth Republic (2020-present)

Portal New Batavia

The Virtual United Provinces used the ancient Prince's Flag of the Dutch Republic. When the country became a unitary state, it was renamed to Republic of the Netherlands. It used the flag of the Batavian Republic. The Islamic Internet Republic retained this flag.