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Lucerne (city)

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For other uses, see Lucerne (disambiguation).
—  City  —
Flag of the city of Lucerne
Coat of arms of the city of Lucerne
Nickname(s): the icy capital
Country New Batavia
Governorate Lucerne
Founded 2007
Resettled 2020
Population (2021)
 • Total 4,000,000
 • Dutch 95 %
 • English 5 %

Lucerne is the capital city of New Batavia and the largest city on the island of Lucerne.

Lucerne gave its name to the royal house of Kurum Ash-Sharqia: the House of Al-Lusirni.


The city was established by the Federal Kingdom of New Batavia, a province of the Virtual United Provinces. Mid-2012 the dependency of Lucerne was established by Mercury. Is was renamed to Lusa'aii. The city was a major trading hub between Mercury and North Antarctica.

In 2013 the Government-in-Exile of the Islamic Internet Republic was offered sanctuary in the city. On October 31, 2020 the city was renamed to Lucerne and became the de-facto capital of the Islamic Internet Republic. On November 30, 2020 the nation was renamed to New Batavia and Lucerne became its official capital.

Famous citizens