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IJshockey Nieuw-Batavië

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Ice Hockey New Batavia
IJshockey Nieuw-Batavië
Sport Ice Hockey
Founded December 10, 2020
Affiliation MHL
Affiliation date 2020
Headquarters Lucerne
President Frans

IJshockey Nieuw-Batavië (Ice Hockey New Batavia or IJNB) organizes competitions and tournaments of ice hockey in New Batavia and since 2021 also in Kurum Ash-Sharqia. The IJNB is a member of the MHL since 2020. After the peaceful secession of Kurum Ash-Sharqia, the Kurum Ash-Sharqian teams decided to remain with the IJNB, effectively making it a bi-national organization with bi-national leagues.


The IJNB organizes these competitions:

Dutch English Men Women
IJNB Profliga IJNB Pro League Yes Yes
IJNB Amateurs Eerste Divisie IJNB Amateurs First Division Yes Yes
IJNB Amateurs Tweede Divisie IJNB Amateurs Second Division Yes Yes

League system

Initial 2021 system

In the first IJNB season (2021) 8 professional teams played in the every league, playing every team in the league home-and-away 6 times, which made 42 matches. The top 4 teams advanced to the play offs, again home-and-away. The winner of the First Division could advanced to the Pro League if they get a pro license from the IJNB. The last two teams of the First Division relegated to the Second Division.

Since 2022

Since the expansion of New Batavia several new teams were established and an extensive competition reform was done in 2022. It also became a bi-national competition with Kurum Ash-Sharqian clubs remaining with the IJNB.

Since 2022, each league is played by 18 teams from New Batavia and Kurum Ash-Sharqia, playing one round home-and-away. The winners advance to a higher league (to the Pro League only if the club gets a pro license from the IJNB). The last team relegates to the lower league. In the Pro League, the top 4 teams advance to the play offs, again home-and-away.




IJNB Pro League (men) and IJNB Pro League (women)
18 professional clubs


IJNB Amateurs First Division (men) and IJNB Amateurs First Division (women)
18 amateur clubs


IJNB Amateurs Second Division (men) and IJNB Amateurs Second Division (women)
18 amateur clubs