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Ulema Party

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Ulema Party
Leader Anas Gamal
Nation Kurum Ash-Sharqia
Founded 1708 AN
Headquarters Vrijplaats
Political ideology islamic theocracy
Political position radical conservatism
Colours black
Parliamentary seats
3 / 100

The Ulema Party (U.P.) (full name "Party of Ulema leading the People towards Justice") is a political party in Kurum Ash-Sharqia. It was founded by Anas Gamal in 1708 AN. It is a radical conservative party advocating an Islamic theocracy.

In 1719 AN Mohammed-Amine Maes unsuccesfully challenged Anas Gamal's leadership, advocating an even more radical stance and condoning violence against dissenters.


  • Abolishing the present constitution, which is seen as too secular
  • Establishment of so called sharia courts
  • Establishing an Islamic university for the training of Ulema
  • Legislative and executive power to be vested in a High Council of Ulema

Important people

Anas Gamal
Anas Gamal