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Laws of Kurum Ash-Sharqia

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An act or law of the Sultanate of Kurum Ash-Sharqia is passed by the Al-Majlis Al-Watani and signed into law by the Sultan. Before a law can be voted on, it needs the advice of the Islamic Diwan, though this advice is not binding.

Acts general

Title Subject matter Singed into law
Royal House Act 1702 On the House of Al-Lusirni, the Crown Council and its membership, the appointment and removal of a crown prince and the establishment of a regency. 1702 AN
Orders Act 1702 Establishes the Order of As-Saif. 1702 AN
Nobility Act 1722 Establishes Nobility of Kurum Ash-Sharqia. 1722 AN
Local Government Act 1695 Establishes governorates and regulates the nomination of governors as well as their competences. 1695 AN

Acts specific

Acts repealed