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Crown Council

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Coat of arms of House Al-Lusirni
Coat of arms of House Al-Lusirni

The Crown Council is an advisory body to the Sultan of Kurum Ash-Sharqia. It was established in 1702 AN and is governed by the Royal House Act 1702.

Powers and duties

The Crown Council must be consulted and informed by the Sultan in case of:

  • the appointment of a crown prince
  • approving a marriage of one of the members of the House
  • drawing up House rules and protocol

The Crown Council also:

  • establishes the Sultan's incapability to rule, which can be overruled by the Sultan
  • appoints a Regent when the Sultan is incapable to rule or when the crown prince is minor upon the death or abdication of the Sultan
  • appoints a crown prince when there is no crown prince upon the death or abdication of the Sultan

Its meetings are presided over by the Sultan.


All male members of the House of Al-Lusirni, who have reached the full age of 18, are members of the Crown Council.

Until 1720 AN, due to the minority of Sultan Salah Ad-Din's sons, the Princess Consort and the incumbent Grand Vizier were members of the Council.

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