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Islamic Diwan of New Batavia

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Islamic Diwan
Islamitische Diwan
Seal of the Islamic Diwan.png
Seal of the Islamic Diwan
Founded June 11, 2010 (2010-06-11)
Political groups
Ordinary members
Extra-ordinary members
Co-opted members
Meeting place
This article is for the Islamic Diwan of New Batavia. For other similarly-named entities, see Islamic Diwan.
A meeting of the Diwan

The Islamic Diwan of the Islamic Republic of New Batavia is the so called "advisory branch", next to the legislative, executive and judiciary branches of government. It was established by the constitution of the Third Republic on June 11, 2010. It's similar in nature to the Islamic State Council of the Islamic Republic of Antverpia.

Before a law is passed by the Majlis-ash-Shoera, it needs the advice of the Islamic Diwan, although this advice is non-binding.



The Islamic Diwan has three categories of members:

  • ordinary members are appointed by the Majlis-ash-Shoera at the President's proposal, at least half of the ordinary members need to be Muslim by faith, they have full voting rights
  • all former heads-of-state are extraordinary members by right, they have no voting rights in the Diwan when they are also holding an office in another branch of government
  • co-opted members are co-opted for their knowledge or expertise by the ordinary and extraordinary members, they have no voting rights


Name Period Remark
Ordinary members
Frans 2010-09-18 - 2013-09-21 Lost ordinary membership after being appointed Grand Vizier
Extraordinary members
Frans 2010-06-11 - present
Nihill Romez 2010-06-11 - 2011-07-04 Did not join the Government-in-Exile or the Restoration
Saladin 2021-09-26 - present
Co-opted members

Possible members

Former heads-of-state who were no longer a citizen of the Republic at the time of the establishment of the Islamic Diwan, but who could opt to sit in the Diwan by right if they were to regain citizenship:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Alejandro Gonzalez