Mariette of San Martín

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Princess Mariette of Alexandria
Princess Mariette in mourning dress, official portrait, 1722 AN.
Full name Mariette Gisele Rose Carrillo y San Martín
House Alexandria House of Carrillo
Father Dauphin Enrique of Alexandria
Mother Stéphanie of Leifgrad-Baden
Spouse Prince David of Shireroth and Natopia (m. 1682 AN, d. 1721 AN)
Issue Utas Enrique Naian Ayreon-Kalirion de Waffel-Paine y Carrillo

Princess Mariette Gisele Rose Carrillo, also known as Mariette of San Martín, (born 3.XII.1661 AN; Triegon, Natopia) is an Alexandrian princess and member of the prestigious House of Carrillo, the former ruling Imperial House of Alexandria. She is the youngest daughter of Prince-Dauphin Enrique of Alexandria and Lady Stéphanie of Leifgrad-Baden. Mariette is widely known for her connection to two powerful dynasties through her birth and marriage, granting her a prominent status.

Early Life and Family

Born in 1661 AN, Mariette is the fourth child and youngest daughter of Prince-Dauphin Enrique of San Martín and Alexandria and Lady Stéphanie of Leifgrad-Baden. Born in Triegon, Natopia after the collapse of Alexandria, she grew up alongside her three older siblings, Prince Juan, Princess Elizabeth, and Prince Philippe. Not much is known about her childhood, but being born into nobility, she was likely afforded the privileges and luxuries befitting her station.


In 1682 AN, Princess Mariette married Prince David of Shireroth and Natopia, solidifying a powerful alliance between the House of Carrillo and the House of Ayreon-Kalirion. Through her marriage, she gained the status of Lady of the Holy Lakes by virtue of marrying into the Order of the Holy Lakes. This union marked the first time an Alexandrian had become a member of the Imperial Family of Shireroth. Mariette's union with Prince David bore a son named Utas Enrique Naian Ayreon-Kalirion de Waffel-Paine y Carrillo, who was born in Shirekeep, Shireroth on 9.II.1683 AN.

Later Life and Tragedy

Princess Mariette's life was tragically altered in 1721 AN when her husband Prince David committed suicide in Hurmu. This loss greatly affected Mariette, who has been known to wear nothing but mourning black since the tragic event. Her depression following the death of her husband has been widely reported, leading to an outpouring of sympathy. Her once vibrant presence at court was replaced by a somber figure enveloped in grief.

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