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Utas Enrique Naian

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Utas Enrique Naian
Utas Enrique Naian Ayreon-Kalirion de Waffel-Paine y Carrillo
Senator of the Lakes
Utas coa 1721.png
Tenure began 1.I.1720 AN (9 AN years)
Senate(s) XI, XII
Elected 1718 (1st alt, 1719–1720, full senator 1720–)
Faction United Ayreonist–Traditionalist List
Order of the Holy Lakes Abakhtari
Daniel Kalirion
Elijah Ayreon
Physical description
Gender Male
Biographical information
Father Prince David of Shireroth
Mother Princess Mariette of San Martín
Spouse(s) Princess Rosamund of Constancia
Children Alexander Amirzadeh Augustin
Artemis Calliope
Date of birth 9.II.1683 (aged 46)
Place of birth Shirekeep

Utas Enrique Naian Ayreon-Kalirion de Waffel-Paine y Carrillo is a HurmuShirerithianNatopian-Constancian nobleman and member of the Imperial Family of Shireroth, the son of Prince David of Shireroth and Princess Mariette of San Martín. He has a son, born out of wedlock but later legitimated, with Princess Rosamund of Constancia, named Alexander Amirzadeh Augustin. He also has a daughter, Artemis Calliope, born 11.VII.1713 in Asterapolis, Constancia. From 1719 to 1720, he was Hurmu's consul in Carlstad (Mondosphere). On 1.I.1720, he became a Senator of the Lakes. He is also a member of the Imperial Senate of Constancia since 15.III.1700. Appointed Minister of Health of Hurmu in the Executive of Hurmu during the Secretariat of Anastasia, effective 3.VI.1728.

Utas and Rosamund applied for the Kaiseress's consent of a matrimonial union between them in 1701. The application was continously stalled by the Imperial Court, and on 23.XI.1706, Utas and Rosamund married civilly in Vesüha, Hurmu.


At the time of his birth, he was given the given names Utas Enrique Naian. Utas is taken from the Elwynnese epic The Book of the Orchids. In the epic, Utas, a god, was Goddess Elwynn's caretaker. Utas is also the third given name of the child's father's father's father, Nathaniel Andre Utas (former prince of Elwynn and Natopian emperor). The child was named Enrique to honour his maternal grandfather, Prince-Dauphin Enrique of Alexandria. Finally, the name Naian was chosen to honour the memory of Emperor Naian, the grandfather of the present emperor of Natopia, Nathan II.

Prince Utas's father, Prince David, has a long surname Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine. He decided along with the mother of the child that Utas's surname should have only three name, to honour a family from each continent of his heritage, and to be written in the Martino form: Ayreon-Kalirion de Waffel-Paine y Carrillo. In the Martino–Alexandrian tradition, Ayreon-Kalirion de Waffel-Paine is the paternal surname, and Carrillo the maternal surname.

He then married Princess Rosamund of Constancia.

As such, Prince Utas belongs to four imperial houses, Ayreon-Kalirion, Waffel-Paine,Carrillo, and is, by marriage, a member of the Imperial House of Constancia, the House of Santiago-Santander.


In a shortened form, he may be referred to as Prince Utas of Shireroth.

Coat of arms

The main escutcheon is that of Shireroth, with the differentiation of two Babkhan red lions (the Arsalani/Ayreon lions) guarding Malarbor. The coat of arms of Nathaniel, as emperor, is inescutcheoned, defaced with the coat of arms of Natopia.