Elwynn (goddess)

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Elwynn was the Treesian Unorthodox goddess of virtue. She sometimes took the form of a white orchid.

Mythology and Geneaology

Elwynn was the youngest daughter of Eiseamlar and Spedomhain, the two major creator gods. She was the twin of Lest, and sister to the various Irdian and Faldian gods.

According to a prophecy at her birth, if she ever met her twin brother Lest, the two would conceive a child: Andan, God of Ultimate Destruction. In order to prevent this apocalyptic event, the infant Elwynn was brought from Heaven to the banks of the river Elwynn, where she was raised by the god Utas. After a disastrous confrontation with Lest, she moved abode, reportedly to Mount Yaanek in Raikoth.

During the Treesian Apocalypse, she met Lest and bore his child Andan, resulting in the destruction of much of Micras (including the Barony of Treesia) and possibly of Giess. It is unclear in what form Elwynn has survived this event, and whether she continues to exist corporeally on Micras or whether she is a spirit only.


Elwynn is one of the major figures in the Book of the Orchids, is the patron deity of the Duchy of Elwynn and the Elwynn Riqi Adurellion, and remains one of the most popular Treesian deities. Her symbol, the white orchid, is on the Elwynnese flag and the Kalirion coat of arms.