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United Ayreonist–Traditionalist Faction

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The United Ayreonist–Traditionalist Faction (U) is a faction in the Senate of the Lakes. As of 1728, it consists of Senators Mondo Etzeterra, Asmila Avon-El, Ichirō, Catherine Wythe, Anastasia, and Utas Enrique Naian.

Founded as the merger of the Ayreonist and Traditionalist Lists, the United List (as it is known for short) had the following foundational programme in its elections:

  • Constitution: Greater separation between the legal nature of the Order of the Holy Lakes and Hurmu
    • Hurmu should be restricted to its traditional territories, the rest of what is now Hurmu should be territories of the Order of the Holy Lakes
    • Thus Hurmu, through the Order of the Holy Lakes, can take on territories not previously connected with Hurmu with the purpose to strengthen the security and independence of the Order and of Hurmu. It should also be possible for the Order to purchase feudal fiefs in other countries, and remain loyal to its liege in that particular country, and still, outside of that country remain independent and sovereign.
    • The Senate should be the legislature for the Order and be separated from the day-to-day activities of the actual states of the Order (Hurmu/Lake District, Lontinien, Rekozemlje), but remain the head of state of the states and the sovereign of the Order.
    • Consensus should be the aim for the Senate in reaching decisions.
    • There needs to be greater emphasis on Hurmu values in the constitution and in Hurmu laws.
  • Equality: There shall be no discrimination in Hurmu law on gender (or gender identity), ethnicity, sentient species, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Foreign affairs: The Order should strive to always keep Hurmu/Order of the holy Lakes independent and sovereign
    • Hurmu should develop warm relationships with likeminded nations – where there is a constitutional order, elements of democracy and sentient rights
    • Hurmu should remain free of military alliances, and should therefore keep both the Raspur Pact and the USSO at an arm's length
    • Free trade, with reasonable restrictions, is good for the prosperity of the people.
    • Deeper relations with the Mondosphere
  • Vanicism: Vanicism is a dangerous and violent extremist organization of beliefs that must be erradicated from the face of the earth. Re-education camps thus serve a humanitarian purpose, and the students there are there voluntarily and must be treated with dignity and respect.
    • The Southern District ought to be disbanded by 1714.
  • Military:
    • Hurmu needs to expand the Hurmu Peace Corps. In this volatile world, we need to defend the peace. It may also be necessary to aid other nations, faced with the prospect of genocide, by sending our soldiers to help protect them. As victims of genocide, it is our duty to help others avoid it
    • Borders to the Green are an invitation for skirmishes and attacks on Hurmu; Hurmu needs to strive to have no borders toward the Green.
    • Foreign militaries should leave Hurmu territory with thanks.
  • Eesdeheito:
    • Hurmu and Lac Glacei need to discuss what the future of Eesdeheito should be.
      • Options include keep the condominium going, expand the condominium, separate the territory in a Hurmu part and a Glaceian part, etc.
  • Economy
    • Lower taxes on cake