Hurmu–Raspur Pact Free Trade Agreement

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The Hurmu–Raspur Pact Free Trade Agreement (HRPFTA) is a signed and ratified agreement of free trade between Hurmu and the Raspur Pact, signed in Shirekeep on 11.IV.1691.


  • Visa free travel of 3 months per year for RP citizens entering Hurmu, and for Hurmu citizens entering the RP
  • Free movement of goods, services (provided services can be performed within the visa restriction rule) and capital between the RP and Hurmu
    • Exemptions:
      • Living animals, human livestock, certain chemical and biological pollutants
      • Hurmu-Raspur Pact Free Trade Area Traffic in Arms Regulations (HRPFTATAR) - regulatory regime to restrict and control the export of defence and military related technologies to safeguard RP and Hurmu from the re-export of sensitive items to third parties outside of the area of the HRPFTA.
  • The Hurmu Development Cooperation Facility, an open-donation bank account and tangible donation receiver is opened under the Economic Cooperation Subcommission of the Raspur Pact in order to coordinate efforts towards the Hurmu Total Development Program, with focus on humanitarian, social, scientific, technical and economic cooperation. Similar efforts for health are being undertaken under the auspices of the Health Emergency Subcommission. Unnamed Constancian corporations donate 2 billion Natopos in seed funding.

Ratification Process


As the treaty required changes to national legislation, the Parlerment had to give its consent to the treaty. Usually, however, only the Senate is required to ratify treaties.

Hurmu Status
Assembly of Representatives 10.VI.1691
Senate 9.V.1691

Raspur Pact

RP member Ratification
Benacian Union Benacian Union 7.V.1691
Constancia Constancia 1.V.1691
Floria Floria 1.V.1691
Highpass Highpass 1.I.1703 (accession)
Imperial Federation Imperial Federation 1.I.1707 (accession)
Jääland Jääland 1.V.1691
Natopia Natopia 23.V.1691
Normark Normark 1.I.1703 (accession)
Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie 21.V.1691
Ransenar Ransenar 6.X.1705 (ratification)
Shireroth Shireroth 5.V.1691
Suren Suren 1692 (accession)
Zeed Zeed 1702 (accession)


  • Nouvelle Alexandrie was previously known as Alduria-Wechua, under which name the treaty was signed and ratified by this state
  • Elwynn and the Unified Governorates were parties to this treaty, after which they merged to form the Benacian Union
  • Sanama was previously party to this treaty, but withdrew automatically upon leaving the Raspur Pact
  • Ransenar, having signed the treaty in 1691, finally ratified it in 1705. Ransenar's legislature has for each session stalled ratification due disputes over the livestock ban clause in the treaty. Hurmu and Ransenar, along with the Raspur Pact, sought to resolve the interpretation dispute. In 1705, the dispute was resolved and Ransenar's legislature ratified the treaty. It came into effect immediately in both countries.

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