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Viscounty of Audon of Varmland
Flag of Varmland
Coat of Arms of Varmland
Coat of Arms
Location of Varmland
Map versions
Capital Carlstad
Official language(s) Istvanistani
Official religion(s) Nidarosian Church, Mondo Personality Cult
Demonym Varmlander(s)
 - Adjective Varmlandic
Government Constitutional monarchy
 - Viscount Audon of Varmland Yukio
 - Jarl Varg Kristofersen
 - Legislature Folketinget
Establishment 1539 AN (establishment)
1685 AN (de facto independence)
1702 AN (de jure independence)
Population 350,000 (estimate)
Currency Riskaian krona
Time zone(s) CMT+10
Mains electricity
Driving side right
Track gauge
National website -
National forum -
National animal -
National food -
National drink -
National tree -

Varmland, officially the Viscounty of Audon of Varmland, is an area in the outskirts of Riskai, located outside the Bay of Varmland, the population of which, has sworn its allegiance through its traditional Viscount, Ichirō, to Mondo, seeking Mondo's protection.


Beach (Northern Varmland)

Varmland is located around the Bay of Varmland, which is somewhat shallow (depth around 20 metres). It is a highly nutritious body of water, ensuring a rich maritime flora and fauna.

There is a long beach, and the water close to the beach is exceptionally shallow. As such, the closest anchorage and harbour is in Port Riskai. This protects the beach and the villages and towns close to the beach from maritime invasion. However, the beachfront is susceptible to storms.

Peninsula and Inland (Southern Varmland)

Thereafter, Varmland controls the Varmland peninsula, which separates the Beach from Riskai.

The peninsula has rugged terrain, with hills and valleys. The soil is largely rocky and acidic, which makes agriculture hard. Some grasslands are present, where sheep are reared. Otherwise pine forests are common.




While the Viscount is the head of state, day-to-day activites of Varmland is conducted through the representative assembly known as Folketinget (The People's Thing). While representative, it is not elected. Instead, all adult citizens' names are written in envelopes and placed every year in an urn, and then, 99 school children take each one an envelope. The people, whose names are, inscribed in the selected envelopes are then rounded up by the police and carried to the Folketinget building where they are sworn in as this year's legislators.

The people, or the adult citizens to be exact, however, do participate in one election – the election for the Jarl. They elect three candidates to the position, from which the Viscount appoints one to the position. The Jarl sits as long as Folketinget has confidence in him; Folketinget can any time call for a new election of the Jarl, at which point, the people will elect three candidates for the Viscount's descision.

Varmland and Hurmu opened relations in 1703. Varmland established a "Consulate of Varmland and Mondo" in Huyenkula, and Hurmu a consulate in Varmland.

In 1716, Varmland, along with most of the Mondosphere, joined the Raspur Pact


The economy of Varmland is largely based on four fields:

  • Looting of old Storish/Vanic/Solareyjar ruins and abandoned buildings, temples, factories, ships, etc
  • Fishing
  • Agriculture
  • Limited mining