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Viscount Audon of Varmland

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Coat of arms of the Viscount Audon of Varmland

Viscount Audon of Varmland is a title in the peerage of Riskai, granted in 1539 by Pope Camillus II (Carl Magnus Bernadotte) upon Audon, then King of Nidaros. In 1542, the courtesy titles of Lord Baron of Varmland and Lady Baroness of Varmland were extended to the sons and daughters, respectively, of the Viscount. Since 1702, the Viscount Audon of Varmland is sovereign over the Mondosphere state of Varmland.

The title is intimately related to the Order of the Holy Lakes, the Emirate of Sathrati, and the Shirerithian imperial bloodline of Ayreon-Kalirion.


Rules of succession

  • Male primogeniture of legitimate descendants (i.e. born within marriage)
  • Adoptees are legitimate if adopted within a matrimonial union


Portrait Duke Tenure Order Birth Death
Rashidayreon.jpg Andelarion 1539–1544 (5 AN years) 1st Viscount Audon of Varmland 1450, Babkha Shahzamin 1544, Shireroth Raynor's Keep, Shirekeep(aged 94 AN years)
Rashid Karyandzadeh Arsalani 1544–1574 (30 AN years) 2nd Viscount Audon of Varmland 1472, Babkha Shahzamin 1574, Shireroth Shireroth Kamalshahr, Babkha (aged 102 AN years)
Princedaniel.jpg Daniel Kalirion 1574–1585 (12 AN years) 3rd Viscount Audon of Varmland 1542, Stormark Nidaros 1586, Elwynn Cape Farewell (aged 44 AN years)
Ayreon2.jpg Elijah Ayreon 1585–1598 (13 AN years) 4th Viscount Audon of Varmland 1571, Shireroth Huyenkula 1598, Kujirashi-Wahlstadt Walstadt (aged 27 AN years)
Emperor Nathaniel Personal.png Nathaniel 1598–1632 (34 AN years) 5th Viscount Audon of Varmland 1586, South Batavia Barbary 1632 (46 AN years) NatopiaNormark Elijah's Rest
Adam.jpeg Adam Anushiruwân 1632–1650 (18 AN years) 6th Viscount Audon of Varmland 1630, ShirerothElwynn Ardashirshahr 1650, Shireroth Ura'Bos (aged 20 AN years)
KaiserAyreon4.jpeg Vidar Salim Livarson 1650–1671 (21 AN years) 7th Viscount Audon of Varmland 1645, Shireroth Raynor's Keep, Shirekeep 1671, Shireroth Raynor's Keep (aged 36 AN years)
Kir Azariah Vidar.1688.png Kir Azariah Vidar 1671–1703 (54 AN years) 8th Viscount Audon of Varmland 1667 Shireroth Raynor's Keep 1703 WhalesNatopiaWalstadt (aged 36 AN years)
Ichiro.jpeg Ichirō 1703–present (22 AN years) 9th Viscount Audon of Varmland 1693 WhalesNatopia Kigazeki
Yukio 1716–present (9 AN years) Heir-apparent 1716 Hurmu Huyenkula

Lord Barons and Lady Baronesses

Currently, the Lord Barons and Lady Baronesses of Varmland are:

In the lists below, persons in italics are deceased.

Children of the 1st Viscount

Children of the 2nd Viscount

Children of the 3rd Viscount

Children of the 4th Viscount

Children of the 5th Viscount

Children of the 6th Viscount

Children of the 7th Viscount

Children of the 8th Viscount

  • Ichirō (b. 1693), held the title 1693–1703, thereafter 9th Viscount
  • Audon II (b. 1695)
  • Enhei (b. 1697)

Children of the 9th Viscount

Order of Succession

  1. Yukio (b. 1716)
  2. Sechigu (b. 1719)
  3. Audon II (b. 1695)
  4. Rubin Leonid Orientalis (b. 1671)
  5. Atreyu Maximilian Octavius (b. 1695)
  6. Valdemar al-Aziz (b. 1697)
  7. David Raion (b. 1657)
  8. Utas Enrique Naian (b. 1683)
  9. Alexander Amirzadeh Augustin (b. 1701) (legitimised upon his parents' marriage in 1706)