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Adam Anushiruwân

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Adam Anushiruwân
Full name Adam Anushiruwân
AKA Lord Adam
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style Black medium length
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Nathaniel
Mother Kaiseress Noor
Date of birth 1630
Place of birth Ardashirshahr
Date of death 1650
Place of death Ura'Bos
Nationality Elwynnese & Natopian
Allegiance(s) Line of Ayreon-Kalirion
Occupation Murderer

Adam Anushiruwân (né Adam Anushiruwân Hilding Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine) (1630–1650), the eldest son of the marriage between Noor and Nathaniel, was an ElwynneseNatopian nobleman of imperial rank. Genocidal murderer, instigated the Civil War in Goldshire (which later engulfed all of Shireroth), killed the Kattei Emperor of Jingdao, and two of his own brothers, his mother (Kaiseress Noor) and the Natopian empress Asara Sisu. Khan of Cabbagefall, 1639–1645. Father of Kaiser Ayreon IV.



Born the eldest of a set of quadruplets – Adam, Aldin, Rostam, and Arn – Adam’s first years were characterized by love and playfulness. When his father, Nathaniel, died in 1632, Adam was two years old, and Adam inherited most of Nathaniel's titles. Accordingly, Adam was brought up differently from his identical siblings. His education started early with the aim to instil in him a sense of duty, bravery and nobility. His mother remarried in 1633, to King Noah of Elwynn.

At the age of 5, Adam was separated from his siblings, when his mother sent him to boarding school in Walstadt. It was part of his mother's design to bring her children closer to their Natopian heritage. Aldin, for example, was sent to Athlon, and Arn and Rostam were sent to Flaventia.

Adam’s schooling in Walstadt was rough. Later, it transpired that the school was Siseranist in its ideology. However, Adam had regular and close contact with his family, and learnt how evil his family regarded Siseranism. After all, his grandfather Elijah was crucified by Sisera, and his stepfather Noah's mother was a refugee from the Siseran genocide of Hurmu. Accordingly, he promised himself that he would fight Siseranism until his death.

As to his relations with his family, at this time he was particularly close with his aunt Isabella and step-aunt Miranda. His step-father, King Noah, was also known to take an interest in the boy's upbringing. When he first heard of his step-aunt Fjǫrleif of Amokolia having performed several executions on her own in her native Stormark, Adam began admiring her. Whenever he met her, he asked her to tell him stories of her executions and battles, which she never declined to do. She also educated him in the art of swordcraft and other martial arts.

Walstadt Crisis

In the beginning of the latter half of Vixaslaa 1636, Adam would be visited on an extended stay by his mother. She took him out of the school, and for the next few days, he and his mother were hosted by Welf, the "Great Enlightened King" (as he called himself) of Walstadt, who was also hosting his son, the Kattei Emperor of Jingdao, Heinrich, at Adam's ancestral mansion at Zauberförde. Welf departed the company early, though, to attend to business in Walstadt.

At the same time, due to the free-trade treaty between Shireroth and Natopia, the barque Seahawk from Goldshire arrived at Walstadt, citing the treaty, and demanded to trade with the Natopian derelict outpost. The commander of the barque, Avid Jaggery, sent out missives to the King, and brought with him a number of cossacks with guns. This naturally frightened the local population. The king dismissed Jaggery's request, and in turn, Jaggery's men attacked the king’s palace, and looting and arson around Walstadt followed.

Managing to make an alliance with Walstadters of the Elijahn rite of the Bovic religion, the combined forces continued throughout Walstadt, even unto Zauberförde, where they broke into the mansion, looking for the Kattei emperor. Noor protested to the intrusion, but she and her son were carried away by the invaders. The house was then ransacked until Heinrich, the three-year-old Jingdaoese Emperor, was discovered in his chambers. The Emperor was dragged by the mob out into the street where he was thrown down into the muck of the gutter, only to be snatched up by the howling mob and carried away to Mandible Hill, where Adam's station saw him dispensing justice, ordering beheadings of various persons, on the instigation of his secretary and his grand almoner. Here, the Kettei emperor was brought, and he, too was executed, and set up on a mock cross.

Noor and Adam were for a short time separated from one another in the unfolding chaos, but managed to find each other before the final evacuation of the Seahawk. They were immediately exiled from Walstadt by the King, and Noor was surprised that the King let her and her son live. She surmised though that there would have been a total annihilation of Walstadt from the Natopian armed forces if harm came upon her and her son. On the penultimate day of Vixaslaa 1636, they sailed on the Seahawk back to Tapfer.

Education in Shireroth

Following that interruption to his schooling Adam was enrolled at the School of Erudition in the county of Amity, Mirioth and So-Sara that was founded by her aunt, the Emira of those islands, Isabella Simrani-Kalirion. As his many titles and positions require Adam to travel frequently on official business, the School of Erudition has also provided him with a personal tutor to help shape his personal development. His closest personal attachment outside of blood kin was at this time to his private tutor, Miss Yara Rose of the School of Erudition, who in addition to those duties acted as a confidante, bodyguard and surrogate mother.

Polite and proper in his conduct and deportment, Lord Adam remained aloof and apart from his age group, preferring the company of his servants and hunting dogs. An enthusiastic young naturalist, Adam enjoyed fox hunting and penguin shooting on Walstadt. He had in Walstadt been taught that culling the old and the weak was an integral part of population management and conservation. It was a lesson he had taken to heart, although his tutor was obliged to intervene when he began applying some of those principles in the classroom.

Academically he showed promise in the humanities and also with languages, and could be unusually persuasive for his age when speaking, although he struggled with anything beyond basic numeracy and the times tables.

In 1639 Lord Adam was invited to join the year long expedition of the Count of Ran, in his capacity as Arandur of Alalehzamin and Utasia to the Vale of Angularis. The sons of Miranda Simrani-Kalirion, Daniyal Anders (aged 10), Frederik Anders and Royston Anders (both aged 9), fostered as pages in the household of the the Count and being of a similar age to 'Little Lord Cleaver' (as he was nicknamed after having executed the Kettei emperor) were offered to Lord Adam to serve as his squires on such hunts as may occur.

Murdering two of his brothers

On his return from Angularis, his mother invited him to see her and his Nathanielian brothers in Goldshire. However, upon the brothers arriving in Goldshire, she had immediately to attend to government business, sending Adam, Aldin, Rostam and Arn to a skiing resort in Suthergold instead until she could find the time to give them her undivided attention.

During the skiing trip, Adam had unbeknownst to anyone else procured poison that he had brought with him there, with which he had planned to kill his brothers there for they were, in his opinion, too weak to be worthy of living. An added bonus was that he could be the sole heir to Nathaniel's estate when his mother would pass away. As matters progressed during the trip, he realised that Aldin’s unwavering love and belief in him could be used to his advantage. Accordingly, he decided to spare Aldin’s life. In the end, he poisoned cake that killed Arn and Rostam, after which he faked his sorrow. At this point, Adam had, to hide his own culpability, planted "evidence" that hinted that the murder of his brothers was actually the doing of the Leonid Guard.

Upon hearing the news of the deaths of Arn and Rostam, Noor immediately flew to Suthergold where she met her two elder sons, one genuinely grieving (Aldin) and one who to Noor and everyone else appeared to grieve.

The findings of the alleged evidence of the Leonid Guard's involvement in the murders of Princes Arn and Rostam drew up long-held conflicts in Goldshire, and a civil war errupted in Goldshire. Noor, wishing to keep her sons safe, sent them both back to Natopia, where Adam took on the powers of government in Walstadt and the Elian Lands. During large parts of the year 1641, Adam hosted Alexandrian, Natopian and Shirerithian delegations at the Palace of Whales in Walstadt. The aim of these meetings, called the Western Conference, was to bring about an alliance between the three empires.

Impressed with the young prince, Thorgils Tarjeisson, Count of Ran, who by now had been made Kaiser as Kaiser Dominus, appointed the twelve-year old Adam to Minister of the Exterior in 1642 (a position he would hold de jure until 1645). Although this was a move that deeply troubled many in the Kaiser's vicinity, Adam's appeared to do better than expected. At times, however, he was considered too impolite to diplomats, and the Kaiser largely left the important negotiations and meetings for other members of the government.

In one incident of "indecency" as Minister of the Exterior, a Natopian prince, and cousin to Adam, Zakyyr Angus-Moanoak, wrote to Adam desiring to visit him in Shirekeep. Adam had no desire to meet with his cousin, and tried his best to avoid it. In the end, Adam decided to ensure a legal marriage between Zakyyr and a member of a junior branch of the Ayreon-Kalirion dynasty, Li Naomiai Avon-El. Thinking it was a practical joke, Adam did not expect that the matter would be taken seriously by governments across the world, but he was nonetheless happy he had secured an excuse not to meet with Zakyyr.

In the beginning of 1643, the Kaiser grew more satisfied with Adam, and saw more progress in him. Accordingly, the Kaiser commissioned Adam to lead the Palatini Corps to protect Shirekeep. 

Oustfest & the Year of the Four Kaisers

Sentenced to death by burning

Improbable reprieve and feigned repentance

Saved by his brother and subjected to a harsh regime by the Abbot and monks of Saint Joelle's Monastery in Athlon. It didn't work.

Abduction and murder of Asara, 3rd Walstadt Crisis

Nobody emerges from this episode from very much in the way of credit.

Life in Alexandria

Capture, Ura'Bos

Killed mother. Was killed by brother.

Titles and Arms






Preceded by:
Prince among the Lakes
Lines of Waffel-Paine and Elijah Ayreon

Succeeded by
Kaiser Ayreon IV
Preceded by:
Viscount Audon of Varmland
Succeeded by
Kaiser Ayreon IV