Palatini Corps

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Palatini Corps
Active: 1637 ANPresent
Motto: Ultima ratio regum
Allegiance: Shireroth

  • Garrison Force
  • Public duties
  • Palace guard
  • Combined Armed Force
Size: ~ 132,000
Nickname: The Turncoat Hares, "The Dandy Boys in Blue"

Current Commander:

The Palatini Corps (ïa Bivarhins Uihmanz) is an elite branch of the Imperial Forces. Originally an independent corps of the Imperial Army, it was transformed into a distinct force late in the reign of Ayreon IV.

The Palatini Corps has ultimate responsibility for the defence of the Imperial County, forming the core of the Central Banner Group of the Benacia Command. It also provides personnel and resource support for various independent-operating state security organizations, namely the Sentinels and the Crypteia. During the Kalirion Fracture, the Palatini Corps remained loyal to the Golden Mango Throne, consolidating itself and absorbing other loyal Imperial Forces units deployed throughout the Shirekeep region.


ie Saznan Ahtaneï ("The Sentinel Guards")
Headquarters: Raynor's Keep, Shirekeep
  • 1a Sazn Ahtaneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 2a Sazn Ahtaneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 3a Sazn Ahtaneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 4a Sazn Ahtaneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 5a Sazn Ahtaneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 6a Sazn Ahtaneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 7a Sazn Ahtaneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 8a Sazn Ahtaneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • Sazn Ahtaneï Brunïakeï (Cuirassier)
  • Sazn Ahtaneï Droþakeï (Lancer)
  • Sazn Ahtaneï Holïurseï (Artillery)
ïe Saznan Darneï ("The Secret Guards")
Headquarters: Raynor's Keep, Shirekeep
  • 1a Sazn Darneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 2a Sazn Darneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 3a Sazn Darneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 4a Sazn Darneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 5a Sazn Darneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 6a Sazn Darneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 7a Sazn Darneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 8a Sazn Darneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • Sazn Darneï Brunïakeï (Cuirassier)
  • Sazn Darneï Droþakeï (Lancer)
  • Sazn Darneï Holïurseï (Artillery)
ie Saznan Bivarhinseï ("The Palace Guards")
Headquarters: Raynor's Keep, Shirekeep
  • 1a Sazn Bivarhinseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 2a Sazn Bivarhinseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 3a Sazn Bivarhinseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 4a Sazn Bivarhinseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 5a Sazn Bivarhinseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 6a Sazn Bivarhinseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 7a Sazn Bivarhinseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 8a Sazn Bivarhinseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • Sazn Bivarhinseï Brunïakeï (Cuirassier)
  • Sazn Bivarhinseï Droþakeï (Lancer)
  • Sazn Bivarhinseï Holïurseï (Artillery)
ie Saznan Kampioeneï ("The Kampioen Guards")
Headquarters: Tempus Keep, Shirekeep
  • 1a Sazn Kampioeneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 2a Sazn Kampioeneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 3a Sazn Kampioeneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 4a Sazn Kampioeneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 5a Sazn Kampioeneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 6a Sazn Kampioeneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 7a Sazn Kampioeneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 8a Sazn Kampioeneï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • Sazn Kampioeneï Brunïakeï (Cuirassier)
  • Sazn Kampioeneï Droþakeï (Lancer)
  • Sazn Kampioeneï Holïurseï (Artillery)
ïe Saznan Apollonseï ("The Apollonian Guards")
Headquarters: Prefectica, Shirekeep
  • 1a Sazn Apollonseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 2a Sazn Apollonseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 3a Sazn Apollonseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 4a Sazn Apollonseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 5a Sazn Apollonseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 6a Sazn Apollonseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 7a Sazn Apollonseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 8a Sazn Apollonseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • Sazn Apollonseï Brunïakeï (Cuirassier)
  • Sazn Apollonseï Droþakeï (Lancer)
  • Sazn Apollonseï Holïurseï (Artillery)
ie Saznan Ripoþeï ("The Veteran Guards" — lit. "Ripened")
Headquarters: Fort Foley, Shirekeep
  • 1a Sazn Ripoþeï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 2a Sazn Ripoþeï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 3a Sazn Ripoþeï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 4a Sazn Ripoþeï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 5a Sazn Ripoþeï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 6a Sazn Ripoþeï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 7a Sazn Ripoþeï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 8a Sazn Ripoþeï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • Sazn Ripoþeï Brunïakeï (Cuirassier)
  • Sazn Ripoþeï Droþakeï (Lancer)
  • Sazn Ripoþeï Holïurseï (Artillery)
ie Saznan Kalirseï ("The Kalirion Guards")
Headquarters: St. Zor Cantonment, Shirekeep
  • 1a Sazn Kalirseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 2a Sazn Kalirseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 3a Sazn Kalirseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 4a Sazn Kalirseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 5a Sazn Kalirseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 6a Sazn Kalirseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 7a Sazn Kalirseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 8a Sazn Kalirseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • Sazn Kalirseï Brunïakeï (Cuirassier)
  • Sazn Kalirseï Droþakeï (Lancer)
  • Sazn Kalirseï Holïurseï (Artillery)
ie Saznan Saþratiseï ("The Sathrati Guards")
Headquarters: Sakatopolis, Shirekeep
  • 1a Sazn Saþratiseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 2a Sazn Saþratiseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 3a Sazn Saþratiseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 4a Sazn Saþratiseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 5a Sazn Saþratiseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 6a Sazn Saþratiseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 7a Sazn Saþratiseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • 8a Sazn Saþratiseï (Mechanised Infantry)
  • Sazn Saþratiseï Brunïakeï (Cuirassier)
  • Sazn Saþratiseï Droþakeï (Lancer)
  • Sazn Saþratiseï Holïurseï (Artillery)
ie Saznan Usłoiuseï ("The Flying Guards")
Headquarters: Shirekeep-Foley Aerodrome, Shirekeep
ie Saznan Łodseï ("The River Guards")
Headquarters: Sakatopolis, Shirekeep
  • 1a Sazn Łodseï (Amphibious Infantry)
  • 2a Sazn Łodseï (Amphibious Infantry)
  • 3a Sazn Łodseï (Amphibious Infantry)
  • 4a Sazn Łodseï (Amphibious Infantry)
  • 5a Sazn Łodseï (Amphibious Infantry)
  • 6a Sazn Łodseï (Amphibious Infantry)
  • 7a Sazn Łodseï (Amphibious Infantry)
  • 8a Sazn Łodseï (Amphibious Infantry)
  • Sazn Anszæïaneï Łodseï (Patrol Boats)
  • Sazn Vaþnaneï Łodseï (Cutters)


PalatiniCorps Uniform.png

The Palatini Corps wears blue-cast standard Imperial Army field uniform with lancer ornamentation, and a unique dress uniform, which is worn for parades and sentry duty.

While in dress uniform, members of the Palatini Corps are armed with a carbine variant of the M1591 Rifle and equipped with a sword bayonet, which lock together to produce two-meter tall lance.