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Hauptstadt Walstadt (Saxon for "Capital City of Whale City") or Kujira-kei (In Sangunese: 鯨京; "whale capital", sometimes written as 鲸京), sometimes spelt Wahlstadt, and historically also known as Kujirashi (Sangunese name 1591–1648; 鯨市 "whale city") and Asara Eliana (in Saxon, Asaraburg, and in Sangunese Asarashi; 1648–1688) is a lordship, and the largest city and capital of the Principality of Whales. Its lord is ex officio the Prince of Whales, Kir. Along with the lordships of Walhafen and Gakkotsudzuka, it forms the Walstadt urban area.

Founded in 1591 by whalers from (Rossheim-Slavonia-Volksburg and other parts of the Kingdom of Sangun, Riskai and the Idunn Isles), it quickly grew in prominence and was raised to a principality the following year (1592), the principality to which the current Whales is a direct successor.

Its population is 48,288 inhabitants (1694). Of these, it has 18,048 registered Saxon speakers, 17,394 registered Sangunese speakers, 6,219 registered Āirumāli speakers, 2,850 Batavian speakers, 819 Thraci speakers, and 2,958 registered speakers of other languages.

Misspelling as Wahlstadt or Whalstadt

One explanation for the misspelling of Walstadt as Wahlstadt or Whalstadt is based on the spelling of the city's name in the Ludwiggian script, which was also used in Walstadt in the ancient past. This script does not have a w, but makes that sound by adding an h to the v. A long letter a, such as in the first part of Walstadt, is also formed by adding an h. As such, the city's name is written as VHAHLSTADT, or: Ludwiggian v.pngLudwiggian h.pngLudwiggian a.pngLudwiggian h.pngLudwiggian l.pngLudwiggian s.pngLudwiggian t.pngLudwiggian a.pngLudwiggian d.pngLudwiggian t.png Template:Natopia article