Prince of Whales

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The Prince of Whales (if held by a woman known as the Princess of Whales) is the demesnal head of all parts of the government of Whales. The incumbent prince is Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion (since 1719).

The office of prince brings the style His Grace.

Order of succession

The Constitution dictated: "The title of Prince of Whales shall be governed by the law of absolute primogeniture among a late Prince's legitimate descendants, with respect to the primacy of a late Prince of Whales' will. Without a will, and without legitimate descendants, the title shall pass to Prince Kir's father's descendants under the same law of absolute primogeniture."

The constitution was however withdrawn in the fifth month of 1719 AN as Daniyal ibn Daniyal transferred the principality into the possession of Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion, allowing the boy to earn his spurs by assuming direct rule over the remote territory.

The order of succession is therefore unknown at the present time.

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