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Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion

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Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion
1728 Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion.png
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style Dark brown
Eye color Brown
Biographical information
Father Lors Bakker-Kalirion
Mother Miranda Teal
Spouse Marie Beatrice
Date of birth 1700 AN (34 AN years)
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A

Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion, born 1700 AN, Prince of Whales, Lord of Ende, Elchbühl, Morgengrauen, Kumamoto. Eldest son of Lors Bakker-Kalirion (1666– ) and Miranda Teal-Kalirion (1677– ).


Resident at the Anushiruwân Institute of the Humanities from 1713 AN to 1716 AN.

Spouse, Marie Beatrice introduced to Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion, the grandson of Daniyal ibn Daniyal, the Szodan of Benacia. The introduction was arranged by the N&H Future Leadership Programme's matching scheme, which was overseen by Ayesha al-Osman and a cohort of chaperones from the Bothan Institute. The two were permitted to stroll in the gardens of the Palace of Botha while their suitability and mutual compatibility were evaluated, with the intention of potentially becoming the progenitors of future leaders of the Benacian Union. The meeting was a defining moment in Marie Beatrice's life as it would set her future path.

After her introduction to Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion, Marie Beatrice's life took an unexpected turn. It was clear from the start that the two had a strong connection and shared a deep understanding of each other's experiences and aspirations. They were both from privileged backgrounds and had been groomed for leadership roles from a young age, but they also shared a sense of isolation and a longing for something more meaningful in life.

As they spent more time together, Marie Beatrice and Daniel Lors began to develop a deeper bond, and it soon became clear that they were meant to be together. However, their relationship was not without its challenges. Marie Beatrice's background as a foundling, and her association with the N&H Future Leadership Programme, made her a controversial figure in Chrysean society, and there were many who opposed their union as being a further entrenchment of the principle of dynastic rule - which had slowly crept back into the public life of Benacia in the four decades since the Kalirion Fracture.

Despite this, Marie Beatrice and Daniel Lors persevered, and they were eventually able to secure the support of the High Commissioner, Ayesha al-Osman, who saw the value in their union and was pleased to find herself being lobbied to enable the outcome that she had sought to engineer.

It would come as a shock therefore for Marie to learn that the earnest young man of her acquaintance had been only recently designated the formal regent of Whales, an obscure possession of his grandfather's located deep in the southern hemisphere. Far from being a budding player in the game, Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion had been a pawn - one that would be moved to the edge of the board for the time being. The brooding youth was soon to depart to the south to assume his duties, whilst Marie, in order to preserve her virtue, was to remain secluded on Botha, as an intimate companion of Ayesha, until the date of the wedding - provisionally scheduled for 1718 - after which she also would depart for a Cibolan exile. In the meantime, she had been directed to learn all she could with respect to Whales and, more curiously, Delfinenstrand. The reason for this was soon made obvious, by the arrival of a missive hand-delivered to her by the Imperial Constancian Ambassador, himself: She had been named resident plenipotentiary of Delfinenstrand, by none other than the man who confessed to be her father, The Prince Iñigo of Molivadia, Autokrator of Constancia, and Lord of Delfininstrand.

Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion served as Regent of Whales (1716-1719) for 3 AN years before receiving the title from his father.

Coat of arms of Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion as the Prince of Whales. The incumbent prince is Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion (since 1719). The office of prince brought the style His Grace.

The Constitution dictated: "The title of Prince of Whales shall be governed by the law of absolute primogeniture among a late Prince's legitimate descendants, with respect to the primacy of a late Prince of Whales' will. Without a will, and without legitimate descendants, the title shall pass to Prince Kir's father's descendants under the same law of absolute primogeniture."

The constitution was however withdrawn in the fifth month of 1719 AN as Daniyal ibn Daniyal transferred the principality into the possession of Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion, allowing the boy to earn his spurs by assuming direct rule over the remote territory.