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Lors Bakker-Kalirion

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Lors Bakker-Kalirion
1729 Lors Bakker-Kalirion.jpg
Physical information
Species Human
Race Passi
Gender Male
Hair color and style Light brown
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Biographical information
Date of birth 29.VI.1666 AN (aged 68)
Years of service 1686 AN

Lors Bakker-Kalirion, first born son of Fenna Bakker. Father formerly unspecified but subsequently acknowledged as Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion. Date of birth 29.VI.1666.


Conceived under the tithing system as part of the N&H Future Leadership Programme. Place of birth: Nee (Niyi), State of Modan. Evacuated to Raspur, 25.VIII.1668. A part of the shenerasyon serhqalya of pre-independence Sanama. Fluent in Istvanistani and Babkhi, struggled with Praeta, and reputedly murdered his Lach instructor in a cold fury, ending his familiarisation with that particular language[1]. Having been raised abroad from an age of two years old, Lors was thoroughly unacquainted with Passikaans, his ancestral language.

In late 1689 Lors was deployed, along with the 135th Motorised Infantry Regiment, to participate in the Sanaman Mission to the Green Strip, maintaining a zone of separation between Barnum and Çakaristan in eastern Apollonia. This deployment represented his first contact with the nation of his birth and a culture from which he had been estranged since infancy. As a Ænst Fiþnan, or senior squadron leader, Lors' first operational assignment upon arrival was to locate and neutralise a band of privateering freebooters reported to have been shipwrecked off-shore from the deployment zone after their long and ill-fortuned voyage from the Hexarchy.

Following the redeployment of the allied force to Hurmu Lors contracted the Lyrican Pox, which necessitated a course of penicillin and hospitalisation in Kaupang. Approached by agents of the Köping Tea Company whilst in hospital, Lors agreed, in return for a modest retainer fee, to serve as a commercial agent of the company whilst on convalescence leave which, at their suggestion, he would spend in the Benacian free port of Chryse. Availing himself of the opportunity afforded by a period of time spent in Chryse, Lors enrolled himself on the Master of Business Administration programme at the Royal University of Chryse. After attending initial lectures in person, Lors would continue the remainder of study modules for his first year as a correspondence course as the political situation in the city necessitated his temporary departure for Lune Villa.

Proprietor (part-owner) of the "Crowned Lune" tea shop, Lune Villa (est. 1690 AN. Initially a loss making venture, the tea shop would discover a modicum of profitability after becoming a haunt for persons displaced by the affair in Chryse and the representatives of various parties interested in making their acquaintance. Lors sold his share in the venture to the Köping Tea Company as part of the formal severance package that brought his period of association with the company to a close on terms that were financially advantageous for him.

Certified medically fit to return to duty in 1691 AN, Lors purchased a tribunal commission in the 1934th Regiment of the 201st Streïafzælt "Lachvaþnur", a Varþataræn formation recruited from amongst settlers engaged in undeclared hostilities against Lach partisans in the Upland Confederation. Lors was obliged to undertake a two week fieldcraft refresher course at Fort Clarence, before departing to the railhead closest to the frontier with the Upland Confederation, arriving there on 19.III.1691 AN and attaching himself as a supernumerary officer on the staff of a supply convoy heading north to the settlements established in the restive protectorate. Saw service in the Second Elwynnese Civil War that ensued from 1692 to 1696, participating in anti-partisan operations in Mishalacia, Amokolia, and Northbloom, the exact nature of which remain undivulged at the present time.

With the war concluded, Lors was wed to his arranged marital partner, Miranda Teal, as selected by the N&H Future Leadership Programme, at a society wedding held in Merensk on 20.XII.1696 AN, wherein Lors' status as the son of Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion was finally formally acknowledged and celebrated. His three year tour of duty with the Talons of the Archon in Arboria and the liberated areas of Kildare earned him valuable experience in working with allied forces, whom he was responsible for organising and training in the defence of Port Nevermore, and rapid promotion. This put him in good stead with the Benacian Union which chose him to head a political and military mission to Eura, dispatched in 1699 AN to assist Trans-Euran Command in the long overdue final conquest of Zeed.

Under the terms of the Peace of Lapano, Avina Mira Avon-El was betrothed to Lors Bakker-Kalirion, so that a daughter-in-law would replace the daughter that was lost by Daniyal ibn Daniyal during the Second Elwynnese Civil War. A dowry of 40 million Natopian natopos was paid by Jeremiah Avon-El to Lors Bakker-Kalirion by 24.V.1704 AN. Avina Mira Avon-El received the title of First Consort, commensurate with her dignity, and protection against all forms of ill-usage and jealousy on the part of those whom she has displaced in terms of honour in the receiving household.

Commander of the Southern Banner Group of Benacia Command from 1704 until his elevation to the position of Commander-in-Chief for Benacia Command on 20.XIV.1727 AN.


  • Education & Indoctrination Service of Raspur (Raspur)
    • 1668–1673: Sarayzenana (pre-school, mixed)
    • 1673–1678: Saraymardana (primary school, boys)
    • 1678–1682: Dabirestân-e Andarûn (secondary school, boys)
  • N&H Leadership School (Fort Nider, Arboria)
    • 1682–1684: Diploma in Humanist Theory & Organisational Studies
  • Euran University (ESB Cantonment, Aqaba)
    • 1684–1686: Bachelor of Arts in Thought Leadership & Population Management (undergraduate studies, N&H Future Leadership Programme Bursary-Scholarship)
  • Royal University of Chryse
    • 1690–1692: Master of Business Administration
  • Land Warfare Establishment (Berht Klarænst, Upper Lywall)
    • 1693–1694: Regimental Command & Staff Course


  • 1673–1678: Junior Cadet (Young Humanists League)
  • 1678–1679: Senior Cadet (Young Humanists League)
  • 1679–1682: Squad Leader (Young Humanists League)
  • 1682–1684: Troop Leader (Young Humanists League)
  • 1684–1686: Silbir (N&H Vanguard Group)
  • 1686: Silbir, Trainee, Basic Training Establishment (Zitadelle Merensk, Black Legions)
  • 1686: Silbir, Trainee, Land Warfare Establishment (Berht Klarænst, Black Legions)
  • 1686–1688: Golsapbir, Troop Commander, Gauht 314 (Saznan Darneï, Black Legions)
  • 1688–1689: Fiþnan, 55th/1st Reconnaissance Squadron, (ESB-Kosaken-Brunïakis-Afzælt, on secondment from the Black Legions)
  • 1689–1690: Ænst Fiþnan, 135th Motorised Infantry Regiment (Fiursz Streïafzælt, Black Legions)
  • 1690–1691 : Ænst Fiþnan, furloughed at half-pay while on convalescent leave and assigned to the inactive reserve (Varþataræn, Black Legions)
  • 1690–1691 : Commercial Traveller, resident in Chryse (Köping Tea Company)
  • 1691–1693: Ahmst Mairstranin, 1934th Regiment (201st Streïafzælt "Lachvaþnur", Varþataræn, Black Legions)
  • 1694–1696: Ahmst Tazstraneï, 1940th Regiment (202nd Streïafzælt, Varþataræn, Black Legions)
  • 1696–1698: Ahmst Bræþstranin, 1st Regiment of Penitents (17th Vanguard Division, N&H Vanguard Group)
  • 1698 : Salbnan, 1st Penitent Brigade (17th Vanguard Division, N&H Vanguard Group)
  • 1698–1699: Frainan Uihmanzis, 17th Vanguard Division (N&H Vanguard Group)
  • 1699–1704: Frainan Uihmanzis, Political and Military Mission of the Benacian Union to Constancia, Suren, and the Euran Economic Union
  • 1704–1727 : Frainan Streïakeï, Officer Commanding the Southern Banner Group of Benacia Command, Commissioner of the Circuit of the Jadid Khaz Modan for the Unified Governorates of Benacia
  • 1727– : Frainan Streïakeï, Commander-in-Chief of Benacia Command, Commissioner of the Circuit of the Jadid Khaz Modan for the Unified Governorates of Benacia



Portrait Name Birth Relationship Mother Death
- Daniel Lors Simrani-Kalirion 17.IV.1700 AN Son Miranda Teal
- Peteos Bakker 1700 AN Son Calliope Spiteriadi
(Constancian Household Attendant)
- Ziba Bakker 1700 AN Daughter Saba Shajarian
(Raspurid Concubine)
- Azita Bakker 1701 AN Daughter Maryam Shajarian
(Raspurid Concubine)
- Khatoun Bakker 1702 AN Daughter Golsa Hashemi
(Raspurid Concubine)
- Miranda Simrani-Kalirion 12.VIII.1702 AN Daughter Miranda Teal
- Constantine Bakker 1707 AN Son Luciana Malfi
- Ardashir Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion 12.II.1715 AN Son Avina Mira Avon-El
(First Consort)
- Daniyal Louis Simrani-Kalirion 23.XI.1718 AN Son Avina Mira Avon-El
(First Consort)


  1. ^ As far as can be determined the tutor was merely dismissed without the final payment of fees, the source of some acrimony that has blackened Lors name with certain clans of the Upland Confederation.