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Kaupang (Normark Norse: Kjøping; Hurmumol: Kawpangar; Lakkvian: Kaupungi; Army Crandish: Köping) is the largest city and temporary capital of the Hurmu Trust Territory. Located at the westernmost point of the Holy Lake of Shelm, it was originally a Hurmu marketplace (kaupang is Old Norse for "market town"), which by c. 1500 was chartered by the Storish high king Harald a city. Despite this, it has had a strong Hurmu feel to it, with Hurmu establishing a university there. The university was for a while known as Haldarsvik University but is called "the University in Kaupang" today.

The Kaupang region is famous for its tea; as such there are many tea houses in Kaupang and many tea merchants of high renown. Many of them joined together to form the Köping Tea Company.

The city's football team is FC Kaupang.


Kaupang is a garrison city for the Hurmu Peace Corps, and accordingly plays host to a sizeable cantonment. Amongst the formations stationed there include the 45th Regiment of Peacekeepers, the 146th Observational Psychology Department, and the 148th/1st Cohort of the Peace Academy. As a secondary garrison for the Land Department of the HPC in the Lake District, the Kaupang cantonment relies upon the Huyenkula garrison for the majority of its sustainment and support needs.

The city's law-enforcement and security needs are met by the 2nd Demi-Regiment of the Hurmu Constabulary, comprised of four-hundred armed and sworn officers, organised into three squadrons of patrol officers and one command and control troop distributed across nine duty stations around the city.

If required the security forces within the city can be reinforced by the 2nd Airport Security Cohort of the ESB-Holïurs-Afzælt operating out of Kaupang International Airport.