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Norse language

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The Norse language is a collection of largely mutually intelligible dialects (each one largely with its own written standard). The various dialects are often spoken of as unique languages.


  • Normark Norse (Upper Keltian Norse or Høgmårkish), spoken in Normark and parts of Elwynn, historically also spoken in Høgmårk.
  • Hurmu Norse, spoken in Hurmu and Lakkvia
  • Farewellish, a dialect with origins in both Hurmu and Normark Norse, spoken in northern Elwynn.
  • Army Crandish, also known as Arvidian or Norrlandic. Language of military in Elwynn, but also the main official language of the former Apollonian country Norrland and of Arvidsudde.
  • Storish, the official language of the defunct country of Stormark
  • Froyalanish, a dialect with origins in Normark Norse, Hurmu Norse, Farewellish, with influences from Elw.
  • Humblebæk Norse, historically spoken in Humlebæk off the eastern coast of Cibola