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Humanist Vanguard

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Humanist Vanguard
Headquarters Constancia Raspur
Student wing N&H Vanguard Group
Youth wing Young Humanists League
National affiliation
International affiliation Nationalist & Humanist Party Nationalist & Humanist Party

The Humanist Vanguard is an international political youth organisation affiliated with the Nationalist and Humanist Party via integration with the various national level parties of the N&H movement. Service with the Humanist Vanguard, culminating in the award of the Red Hand, an enamelled lapel badge featuring a blood-red hand held palm upwards, is considered an essential prerequisite for any aspirant who is desirous of a career in the regional and national cadres of the N&H.

Young Humanists League

Members enrol into the Young Humanists League between the ages of 8 and 11 to begin the life-long process of indoctrination into Humanism. Boys are brought into the habit of uniformed service and obedience through a a programme of informal education with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports. Weekend evening meetings, led by adult party members or students from the Vanguard Division, provided opportunities for initial weapons familiarisation training, basic drill, and rote-learnt indoctrination of Humanist teaching points, with prizes given for correct answers so as to incentivise learning.

N&H Vanguard Group

Children selected for additional development in preparation for induction into the Party will be enrolled, from the age of twelve, into the N&H Vanguard Group. The NHVG is organised into multiples of cadre squadrons and regiments at the bailiwick/municipality and governorate/regional levels respectively. From these cadres suitable candidates will be rotated through the Vanguard Division of their national sector party in a six month tour, for the purpose of familiarisation and strengthening.

Humanist Institutes

At the age of fifteen, suitable candidates from the N&H Vanguard Group will be enrolled into Humanist Institutes organised at the regional level. These institues serve as preparatory schools for the leadership cadres of the Humanist movement. Students enrolled into Humanist Institutes will form part of the available permanent strength of the Vanguard Divisions.

Declared membership returns

National Sector Party
or Affiliate
Young Humanist League
N&H Vanguard Group
Nouvelle Alexandrie Federal Humanist Party 353,800
(1694 AN)
(1694 AN)