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Coalition for Democratic Humanism

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The Coalition for Democratic Humanism is an association of humanist organizations in Hurmu. It has received a plurality of votes and seats in the 1690 Assembly of Representatives election. It contests elections either through its member parties or on a main list.

In 1694, following the display of Daniyal al-Osman's conflict-solving skills the 1694 Humanist Convention, the Coalition was in Lontinien joined by the Lontinian People's Party and the National Community. In 1699, the CDH was joined by the Crandish People's Party.

The Humanist List, which holds 3 seats in the 9-member Senate, is a member organization of the party. Leadership for the Coalition is provided by Daniyal al-Osman, who was acclaimed as Archon in 1694 AN.

Member organisations

Political Parties

Other organisations

  • Democratic Humanist Youth
  • Senior Democratic Humanists
  • Democratic Humanist Women's Organisation
  • Association of Democratic Humanist Guilds and Labour Unions
  • Lakkvian Democratic Humanist Club, Lake District
  • Norse Democratic Humanist Club, Lake District
  • Hurmudan Businesses for Democratic Humanist Progress