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Humanist List

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The Humanist List was the cadre of the Coalition for Democratic Humanism in Hurmu's Senate. Formerly listed as an affiliate of the CDH, it was wholly subordinate to the leadership cadre of the CDH. As of 1719 AN it has no separate existence outside of the CDH.

Advocated for the Human Supremacy over Micras. Is pro-Raspur Pact, supports conservative immigration laws, is centre-right both socially and economically, and remains enduringly Anti-Vanic in its outlook. Policies include:

  • Expansion of the the Hurmu Constabulary & Hurmu Peace Corps in line with increased territorial responsibilities;
  • Further expansion of the fleet of revenue cutters for the purpose of patrolling territorial waters;
  • Recruitment amongst the bands of the Eastern Ulus for the Hurmu Constabulary and the Hurmu Peace Corps;
  • An exports orientated mercantile trade policy, with increased transportation infrastructure nodal connections with Lac Glacei, the Dark Berry Islands, Nouvelle Alexandrie, the Hexarchy, and Jaaland;
  • A foreign policy based on engagement with the Raspur Pact on points of interest within the Xaiville Convention obligations of non-aligned neutrality and which encourages neighbours such as the Dark Berry Islands and Lac Glacei to join the convention also:
    • The complete repudiation of the communalist-syndicalist "World Association of Non-aligned Countries" at the earliest opportunity;
  • Continuing measures to resettle the orphans of the Southern District amongst the Eastern Ulus of the Silver Yak Horde, to provide for them a vocational education, as well as a new identity and family life through service to the Khans;
  • The expansion of the current 8x thermal power stations in Lontinien, the apportionment and exploitation of known coal seams in the country so as to benefit the Lontinian nation and the central government through a 60/40 split of revenues, and the development of the energy sector as a leading component of the Hurmu economy.
  • Protection of states autonomy where logical in view of the wide geographic distribution of the country, i.e. the steppes, and the islands of the Great Western Sea.