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The Southern District (Hurmu Norse: Syndra omraaðeð) is the southern-most district of Hurmu, located immediately south of the Lake District on the continent of Lyrica. It is not a traditional district of Hurmu (such as Lontinien or the Lake District), but was established in 1690 AN to house persons of Storish descent who were unwilling or incapable of conform to the Hurmu nationality law. In the Southern District, such people, known informally as "Southerners", have considerable autonomy over their own affairs. For an interim period, the Southern District is governed under martial law, in order to stamp out all rebellious groups in the area and bring about peace, order and good government there.

In recognition of the Southern District's unique character, it is outside Hurmu's customs area (i.e. it has its own customs area), and has its own visa regulation regime. Border and customs controls exist along the roads, railways, and airports into the Southern District. Special travel documents are issued to the residents of the Southern District who have not become citizens of Hurmu.

Government & politics

Rulers of the Southern District

Portrait Name Title Rule Tenure Birth Death Notes
Ty Zim Minister for the Southern District 1690–1708 18 AN years
Jamshid-e Osman Minister for Local Government & the Southern District 1708– 1661 AN


The territorial defence and security of the Southern District is provided by deployed formations of the Union Defence Force (UDF), provided by Elluenuueq as part of the Allied Reconstruction Mission in Hurmu for the Raspur Pact. Owing to the deep historical ties between Elluenuueq and Hurmu, as well as the natural desire of the Elw to see the process that began with the Auspicious Occasion and which now continued with the Pacification of Lyrica reach its ultimate conclusion, the UDF force deployed into this region has a strong sense of having a historical mission to fulfil.

The Hurmu Constabulary maintains the 3rd Demi-Regiment of its regular establishment within the district, operating a number of County & Parish Patrol Circuits with the support of the 2nd Division of the Special Auxiliary Constabulary.

The HPC Southern District Hub is operated by the Air Department of the Hurmu Peace Corps.