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Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie

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Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie
The Federal War Banner (1673 AN)
Country Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
Founded 1685 AN
Branches Grand Army of the Federation,
Federal Navy,
Federal Air Force,
Federal Guards Service
Headquarters The New Citadel, Cárdenas
King Manco Cápac I
Secretary of Defense Felipe de Almagro
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Yupanki Tupaq
Military age 18–65 years old
Active personnel
  • Federal Army: 1,066,800
  • Federal Navy: 323,306
  • Federal Air Force: 373,000
Reserve personnel
  • Federal Guards Service: 553,569
Domestic suppliers Ahvaz Automotive Engineering Company, ESB Susa, Javelin Industries, National Qullqa System, Pontecorvo Firm
Foreign suppliers

The Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie, established as the Alduro-Wechua Armed Forces upon the founding of the Alduro-Wechua Federation in 1685 AN. The armed forces are tasked by the Proclamation of Punta Santiago to guarantee the sovereignty and independence of Alduria-Wechua, defend its territorial integrity, and the constitutional order.

The Federal Forces armed forces are composed of:

The King heads the armed forces as its commander-in-chief. The Council of State forms military policy and the Secretary of Defense acts as the principal person to carry those policies out.


Formed from the Military of Alduria and the Military of the Wechua Nation in 1685 AN. Transfer of allegiance to the Federation of Nouvelle Alexandrie took place during 1693 AN.

Current missions

Contributions to Raspur Pact theatre commands

Continental Theatre Command Material allocation (%) Lead Nation
Home Service (Federal Districts) 5% Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
Apollonia Command 40% Floria Floria
Keltia Command 25% Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
Trans-Euran Command 30% Constancia Constancia

Ongoing operational deployments

Concluded operational deployments

Command Structure

The interim command structure, implemented 24.VII.1690, directly replicates that introduced by the Sanaman Armed Forces, allowing for differences in local circumstances and organisation.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Council

The Joint Chiefs of Staff Council is the body of the most senior commanders of the Alduro-Wechua Armed Forces, providing advice to the King of Alduria-Wechua, the Secretary for Defence, and other entities on military matters. The council does not have operational command over the armed forces. Operational command flows from the King as Commander-in-Chief, through the Secretary for Defence, to the Joint Commanders in the field. The council consists of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Council, the Vice Chairman, the Commanding General of the Federal Army, the Chief of the Admiralty, the Chief of Staff of the Federal Air Force, the Commandant of the Federal Coast Guard, and the Commandant-General of the Federal Guards Service.

Chiefs of Staff Designate for 1710 AN1715 AN
Office Holder Tenure
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Council Marshal General
Yupanki Tupaq
  • Nominated: 8.V1710 AN
Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Council General
Solomon Wyvil
  • Nominated: 8.V1710 AN
Commanding General of the Federal Army Captain General of the Army
Borzou Gankhaki
  • Nominated: 8.V1710 AN
Chief of the Admiralty Captain General of the Federal Navy
Davy Lussier
  • Nominated: 8.V1710 AN
Chief of Staff of the Federal Air Force Captain General of the Federal Air Force
Gilbert Saunier
  • Nominated: 8.V1710 AN
Commandant-General of the Federal Guards Service Captain General of the Federal Guards Service
Bertrand Desjardins
  • Nominated: 8.V1710 AN

General Staff

The General Staff is the organisation supporting the Joint Chiefs of Staff Council in the performance of its duties. The General Staff handles both preparation for royal and security council briefings, research and development, as well as operational control of several units staffed by the different armed services.

  • Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Council
    • Office of the Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Council
    • Manpower and Personnel Directorate (D1)
    • General Service Directorate (D2)
    • Operations and Planning Directorate (D3)
    • Logistics Directorate (D4)
    • Communications Directorate (D5)
    • Armed Forces Development Directorate (D6)
    • Force Structure, Resources and Evaluation Directorate (D7)



The Grand Army of the Federation comprises of thirty Territorial Defence Units, corresponding to the equivalent number of states within the federation for which they have defensive responsibility, supported by twenty-three airmobile Rapid Response Units. These units are then organised into six Combined Arms Corps, each corresponding to five of the regions of the federation and a sixth (Outremer) concerned with overseas and colonial deployments, bolstered with air-defence, armour, and artillery regiments.

As noted, the VI (Outremer) Combined Arms Corps encompasses the ten new states and eleven special cities mooted in the colonial expansion of 1688. Owing to the geographically dispersed nature of these new colonies, this combined arms corps is orientated towards cooperation with naval forces and the marines as well as the organisation of local levies and volunteer forces drawn from settler communities.

The personnel of the army is organised into regimental corps based on their combat role. Each regimental corps is headed by a staff responsible for training and doctrine within the corps. The regimental corps staff do not command the field regiments affiliated to the corps. The staff and training units are organised into regiments. The regimental corps inspector-general reports directly to the Army Staff.

  • Regimental Corps of Infantry
  • Regimental Corps of Artillery
  • Regimental Tank Corps
  • Regimental Air Defence Corps
  • Regimental Corps of Engineers
  • Regimental Signals Corps
  • Regimental Corps of Aviation
  • Regimental Intelligence Corps
  • Regimental Corps of Transport and Logistics
  • Adjutant General's Corps
  • Regimental Corps of Medical Services

With the proposed expansion of the Alduro-Wechuan occupation of Lyrica receiving the green light from the international community, a seventh combined arms corps headquarters was established in mid-1689 AN with the deduction of a squadron from each field infantry regiment hitherto assigned to territorial defence units within the other CACs. These would form the basis of regimental combat teams sent out to secure the locations identified for colonial settlement, with shortfalls in infantry numbers being made good by transfers from combat support services, the navy, the air force, and the federal border guard.

Home Service

Unit Subordinate Units Headquarters Garrisoned Area
I (Alduria) CAC
1st C&CU
  • 1001st Corps Headquarters Company
  • 601st General Support Regiment
  • 602nd Area Defence Regiment
  • 603rd Pioneer Regiment
  • 604th Works & Maintenance Regiment
Punta Santiago Alduria
1st ACU
  • 800th General Support Regiment
  • 801st Reconnaissance Regiment
  • 802nd Vanguard Regiment
      • - 802nd/1st Heavy Tank Squadron
  • 803th Flankguard Regiment
  • 804th Flankguard Regiment
  • 805th Skyguard Regiment
  • 806th Support Regiment
Punta Santiago Alduria
1st ADU
  • 700th General Support Regiment
  • 701st Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 702nd Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 703th Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 704th Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 705th Security Regiment
  • 706th Support Regiment
Punta Santiago Alduria
19th RRU
  • 191th Airlanding Regiment
  • 192th Parachute Regiment
  • 193th Parachute Regiment
  • 194th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 195th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 196th Armoured Car Squadron
Punta Santiago
31st RRU
  • 311th Airlanding Regiment
  • 312th Parachute Regiment
  • 313th Parachute Regiment
  • 314th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 315th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 316th Armoured Car Squadron
36th RRU
  • 361st Airlanding Regiment
  • 362nd Parachute Regiment
  • 363rd Parachute Regiment
  • 364th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 365th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 366th Armoured Car Squadron
45th RRU
  • 451st Airlanding Regiment
  • 452nd Parachute Regiment
  • 453rd Parachute Regiment
  • 454th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 455th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 456th Armoured Car Squadron
78th RRU
  • 781th Airlanding Regiment
  • 782nd Parachute Regiment
  • 783rd Parachute Regiment
  • 784th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 784th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 785th Armoured Car Squadron
Fort Laons
541st RRU
  • 5411st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5412nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5413rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5414th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5415th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5416th Armoured Car Squadron
542nd RRU
  • 5421st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5422nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5423rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5424th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5425th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5426th Armoured Car Squadron
543rd RRU
  • 5431st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5432nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5433rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5434th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5435th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5436th Armoured Car Squadron
544th RRU
  • 5441st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5442nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5443rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5444th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5445th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5446th Armoured Car Squadron
1st TDU
  • 23rd Field Infantry Regiment
  • 24th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 12th Field Artillery Regiment
2nd TDU
  • 2nd Guards Brigade of the Army
  • 25th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 13th Field Artillery Regiment
Aldurian Capital District
3rd TDU
  • 25th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 26th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 14th Field Artillery Regiment
Alduria City Altus
4th TDU
  • 27th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 28th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 15th Field Artillery Regiment
5th TDU
  • 29th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 30th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 16th Field Artillery Regiment
6th TDU
  • 31st Field Infantry Regiment
  • 32nd Field Infantry Regiment
  • 17th Field Artillery Regiment
7th TDU
  • 33rd Field Infantry Regiment
  • 34th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 18th Field Artillery Regiment
8th TDU
  • 35th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 36th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 19th Field Artillery Regiment
9th TDU
  • 35th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 36th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 20th Field Artillery Regiment
10th TDU
  • 37th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 38th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 21st Field Artillery Regiment
11th TDU
  • 39th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 40th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 22nd Field Artillery Regiment
13th TDU
  • 41st Field Infantry Regiment
  • 42nd Field Infantry Regiment
  • 23rd Field Artillery Regiment
Saint Ignace
14th TDU
  • 43rd Field Infantry Regiment
  • 44th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 24th Field Artillery Regiment
15th TDU
  • 45th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 46th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 25th Field Artillery Regiment
16th TDU
  • 47th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 48th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 26th Field Artillery Regiment
17th TDU
  • 49th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 50th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 27th Field Artillery Regiment
Baatharzi Autonomous State
18th TDU
  • 51st Field Infantry Regiment
  • 52nd Field Infantry Regiment
  • 28th Field Artillery Regiment
Ladino Autonomous State
30th TDU
  • 53rd Field Infantry Regiment
  • 54th Field Infantry Regiment
  • 29th Field Artillery Regiment
II (Federal Capital District) CAC
2nd C&CU
  • 1002nd Corps Headquarters Company
  • 605th General Support Regiment
  • 606th Area Defence Regiment
  • 607th Pioneer Regiment
  • 608th Works & Maintenance Regiment
Cardenas Federal Capital District
2nd ACU
  • 807th General Support Regiment
  • 808th Reconnaissance Regiment
  • 809th Vanguard Regiment
      • - 809th/1st Heavy Tank Squadron
  • 810th Flankguard Regiment
  • 811th Flankguard Regiment
  • 812th Skyguard Regiment
  • 813th Support Regiment
Cardenas Federal Capital District
2nd ADU
  • 707th General Support Regiment
  • 708th Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 709th Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 710th Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 711th Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 712th Security Regiment
  • 713th Support Regiment
Cardenas Federal Capital District
552nd RRU
  • 1st Guards Brigade of the Army
III (Wechua Nation) CAC
3rd C&CU
  • 1003rd Corps Headquarters Company
  • 609th General Support Regiment
  • 610th Area Defence Regiment
  • 611th Pioneer Regiment
  • 612th Works & Maintenance Regiment
Parap Wechua Nation
3rd ACU
  • 814th General Support Regiment
  • 815th Reconnaissance Regiment
  • 816th Vanguard Regiment
      • - 816th/1st Heavy Tank Squadron
  • 817th Flankguard Regiment
  • 818th Flankguard Regiment
  • 819th Skyguard Regiment
  • 820st Support Regiment
Parap Wechua Nation
3rd ADU
  • 714th General Support Regiment
  • 715th Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 716th Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 717th Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 718th Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 719th Security Regiment
  • 720th Support Regiment
Parap Wechua Nation
545th RRU
  • 5451st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5452nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5453rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5454th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5455th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5456th Armoured Car Squadron
546th RRU
  • 5461st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5462nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5463rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5464th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5465th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5466th Armoured Car Squadron
548th RRU
  • 5481st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5482nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5483rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5484th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5485th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5486th Armoured Car Squadron
549th RRU
  • 5491st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5492nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5493rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5494th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5495th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5496th Armoured Car Squadron
San Luis
550th RRU
  • 5501st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5502nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5503rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5504th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5505th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5506th Armoured Car Squadron
551st RRU
  • 5511st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5512nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5513rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5514th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5515th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5516th Armoured Car Squadron
19th TDU
  • 1st Cavalry Brigade
  • 1st Infantry Brigade
  • 7th Infantry Brigade
Cajamarca Antisuyu
20th TDU
  • 4th Mountain Brigade
  • 35th Jungle Brigade
  • 33rd Infantry Brigade
Midyan Chinchasuyu
21st TDU
  • 18th Armoured Brigade
  • 2nd Infantry Brigade
  • 1st Special Forces Brigade
Huichajanca Kuntisuyu
22nd TDU
  • 32nd Infantry Brigade
  • 6th Jungle Brigade
  • 9th Armoured Brigade
Rimarima Qullasuyu
23rd TDU
  • 3rd Guards Brigade of the Army
  • 1st Combined Arms Brigade
  • 21st Infantry Brigade
Potosi Santander
IV (Santander) CAC
4th C&CU
  • 1004th Corps Headquarters Company
  • 613th General Support Regiment
  • 614th Area Defence Regiment
  • 615th Pioneer Regiment
  • 616th Works & Maintenance Regiment
Potosi Santander
4th ACU
  • 821st General Support Regiment
  • 822nd Reconnaissance Regiment
  • 823rd Vanguard Regiment
      • - 823rd/1st Heavy Tank Squadron
  • 824th Flankguard Regiment
  • 825th Flankguard Regiment
  • 826th Skyguard Regiment
  • 827st Support Regiment
Potosi Santander
4th ADU
  • 721st General Support Regiment
  • 722nd Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 723rd Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 724th Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 725th Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 726th Security Regiment
  • 727th Support Regiment
Potosi Santander
553rd RRU
  • 5531st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5532nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5533rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5534th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5535th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5536th Armoured Car Squadron
Ciudad Real
554th RRU
  • 5541st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5542nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5543rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5544th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5545th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5546th Armoured Car Squadron
555th RRU
  • 5551st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5552nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5553rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5554th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5555th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5556th Armoured Car Squadron
Port of Jirishanca
V (Valencia) CAC
5th C&CU
  • 1005th Corps Headquarters Company
  • 617th General Support Regiment
  • 617th Area Defence Regiment
  • 619th Pioneer Regiment
  • 620th Works & Maintenance Regiment
New Franciscania Valencia
5th ACU
  • 828th General Support Regiment
  • 829th Reconnaissance Regiment
  • 830th Vanguard Regiment
      • - 830th/1st Heavy Tank Squadron
  • 831st Flankguard Regiment
  • 832nd Flankguard Regiment
  • 833rd Skyguard Regiment
  • 834th Support Regiment
New Franciscania Valencia
5th ADU
  • 728th General Support Regiment
  • 729th Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 730th Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 731st Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 732nd Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 733rd Security Regiment
  • 734th Support Regiment
New Franciscania Valencia
556th RRU
  • 5561st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5562nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5563rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5564th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5565th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5566th Armoured Car Squadron
557th RRU
  • 5571st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5572nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5573rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5574th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5575th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5576th Armoured Car Squadron
558th RRU
  • 5581st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5582nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5583rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5584th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5585th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5586th Armoured Car Squadron
New Franciscania
559th RRU
  • 5591st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5592nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5593rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5594th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5595th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5596th Armoured Car Squadron
Port Cardozo
VI (Outremer) CAC
6th C&CU
  • 1006th Corps Headquarters Company
  • 621st General Support Regiment
  • 622nd Area Defence Regiment
  • 623rd Pioneer Regiment
  • 624th Works & Maintenance Regiment
Pharos City
  • Isles of Caputia
  • New Luthoria
  • Outremer
6th ACU
  • 835th General Support Regiment
  • 836th Reconnaissance Regiment
  • 837th Vanguard Regiment
      • - 837th/1st Heavy Tank Squadron
  • 838th Flankguard Regiment
  • 839th Flankguard Regiment
  • 840th Skyguard Regiment
  • 841st Support Regiment
Ciudad de Howard
  • Isles of Caputia
  • New Luthoria
  • Outremer
6th ADU
  • 728th General Support Regiment
  • 729th Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 730th Silver Hammer Regiment
  • 731st Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 732nd Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 733rd Security Regiment
  • 734th Support Regiment
Ciudad de Howard
  • Isles of Caputia
  • New Luthoria
  • Outremer
1st CDU Port Tablot Volunteer Rifle Regiment Port Tablot
Gotfriedplatz Volunteer Rifle Regiment Gotfriedplatz
Velez Volunteer Regiment of Yeomanry Velez
Port Karsten Harbour Defence Force Port Karsten
2nd CDU
  • Pharos Rapid Response Group
  • Pharos Port Security Group
  • Pharos Airfield Security Group
Pharos City
3rd CDU Benavides
4th CDU Nuevo Corcovado
Ciudad de Howard
Jaris Garrison
  • Ijubicastagrad Volunteer Rifles Regiment
  • Jaris Native Constabulary
Ijubicastagrad Harbor
Regimental Corps
Regimental Corps of Infantry All infantry regiments
Regimental Corps of Artillery All artillery regiments
Regimental Tank Corps All armoured regiments
Regimental Air Defence Corps All area defence regiments
Regimental Corps of Engineers All engineer or pioneer regiments
Regimental Signals Corps All signals regiments or detachments
Regimental Corps of Aviation All airlanding or parachute regiments
Regimental Intelligence Corps All reconnaissance and special forces regiments
Commissariat Corps All general support and works & maintenance Regiments
General Inspectorate All security regiments
Regimental Corps of Medical Services
Other units
Army Headquarters Command All command & control Regiments
Land Combat School
Army Technical School
Jungle Warfare School
Staff College
Army Academy

210th Army (Lyrica)

Unit Subordinate Units Headquarters Garrisoned Area
VII (Lyrica) CAC
7th C&CU
  • 1007th Corps Headquarters Company
Southern District
547th RRU
  • 5471st Airlanding Regiment
  • 5472nd Parachute Regiment
  • 5473rd Parachute Regiment
  • 5474th (Airborne) Light Artillery Regiment
  • 5475th (Airborne) Engineer Regiment
  • 5476th Armoured Car Squadron
Southern District
1st LEU
(Alexandrian Legion)
  • 8th Demi-Brigade
  • 15th Regiment (Marching)
  • 16th Regiment (Mounted)
Cantonments VIII North Lyrica
2nd LEU
(Alexandrian Legion)
  • 9th Demi-Brigade
  • 17th Regiment (Marching)
  • 18th Regiment (Mounted)
Beaufort North Lyrica
12th LEU
(Alexandrian Legion)
  • 1st Demi-Brigade
  • 1st Regiment (Marching)
  • 2nd Regiment (Mounted)
Cantonment VII North Lyrica
24th LEU
(Alexandrian Legion)
  • 2nd Demi-Brigade
  • 3rd Regiment (Marching)
  • 4th Regiment (Mounted)
Cantonment VI North Lyrica
25th LEU
(Alexandrian Legion)
  • 3rd Demi-Brigade
  • 5th Regiment (Marching)
  • 6th Regiment (Mounted)
Southern District
26th LEU
(Alexandrian Legion)
  • 4th Demi-Brigade
  • 7th Regiment (Marching)
  • 8th Regiment (Mounted)
La Fortaleza de Mehusina North Lyrica
27th LEU
(Alexandrian Legion)
  • 5th Demi-Brigade
  • 9th Regiment (Marching)
  • 10th Regiment (Mounted)
Southern District
28th LEU
(Alexandrian Legion)
  • 6th Demi-Brigade
  • 11th Regiment (Marching)
  • 12th Regiment (Mounted)
Southern District
29th LEU
(Alexandrian Legion)
  • 7th Demi-Brigade
  • 13th Regiment (Marching)
  • 14th Regiment (Mounted)
Montchiery North Lyrica
5th CDU
  • 1st Armoured Car Regiment
  • Local Defence Liaison Group
  • Allied Forces Liaison Group
Southern District
  • 1st Composite Regimental Combat Team
  • 2nd Composite Regimental Combat Team
  • 3rd Composite Regimental Combat Team
  • 4th Composite Regimental Combat Team
Beaufort North Lyrica
  • 5th Composite Regimental Combat Team
  • 6th Composite Regimental Combat Team
  • 7th Composite Regimental Combat Team
  • 8th Composite Regimental Combat Team
Southern District

211th Army (Lyrica)

Unit Subordinate Units Headquarters Garrisoned Area
1st Armoured Division
1st Armoured Division Headquarters
  • 1st Armoured Division
    • 1/0/0 Command Echelon
      • 1/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • 1/0/2 Inspectorate Regiment
Lausanne South Lyrica
1st / 4th Armoured Brigade
  • 1/4 Armoured Brigade
    • 1/4/0 Command Echelon
      • 1/4/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
    • 1/4/1 Combat Echelon
      • 1/4/1/1 Armoured Regiment
      • 1/4/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • 1/4/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
    • 1/4/2 Support Echelon
      • 1/4/2/1 Commissariat Regiment
Guayama South Lyrica
1st / 7th Armoured Brigade
  • 1/7 Armoured Brigade
    • 1/7/0 Command Echelon
      • 1/7/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
    • 1/7/1 Combat Echelon
      • 1/7/1/1 Armoured Regiment
      • 1/7/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • 1/7/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
    • 1/7/2 Support Echelon
      • 1/7/2/1 Commissariat Regiment
Lausanne South Lyrica
VIII Corps
VIII Corps Headquarters
  • VIII Corps
    • VIII/0 Command Echelon
      • VIII/0/1 Command Staff
        • VIII/0/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
        • VIII/0/1/2 Inspectorate Regiment
Buenaventura South Lyrica
VIII / 1st Division
  • VIII/1 Division
    • VIII/1/0 Command Echelon
      • VIII/1/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/1/0/2 Inspectorate Regiment
    • VIII/1/1 Infantry Brigade
      • VIII/1/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/1/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • VIII/1/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • VIII/1/1/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • VIII/1/1/5 Inspectorate Regiment
    • VIII/1/2 Infantry Brigade
      • VIII/1/2/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/1/2/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • VIII/1/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • VIII/1/2/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • VIII/1/2/5 Inspectorate Regiment
VIII / 2nd Division
  • VIII/2 Division
    • VIII/2/0 Command Echelon
      • VIII/2/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/2/0/2 Inspectorate Regiment
    • VIII/2/1 Infantry Brigade
      • VIII/2/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/2/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • VIII/2/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • VIII/2/1/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • VIII/2/1/5 Inspectorate Regiment
    • VIII/2/2 Infantry Brigade
      • VIII/2/2/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/2/2/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • VIII/2/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • VIII/2/2/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • VIII/2/2/5 Inspectorate Regiment
VIII / 3rd Division
  • VIII/3 Division
    • VIII/3/0 Command Echelon
      • VIII/3/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/3/0/2 Inspectorate Regiment
    • VIII/3/1 Infantry Brigade
      • VIII/3/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/3/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • VIII/3/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • VIII/3/1/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • VIII/3/1/5 Inspectorate Regiment
    • VIII/3/2 Infantry Brigade
      • VIII/3/2/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/3/2/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • VIII/3/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • VIII/3/2/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • VIII/3/2/5 Inspectorate Regiment
La Hermandad South Lyrica
VIII / 4th Division
  • VIII/4 Division
    • VIII/4/0 Command Echelon
      • VIII/4/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/4/0/2 Inspectorate Regiment
    • VIII/4/1 Infantry Brigade
      • VIII/4/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/4/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • VIII/4/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • VIII/4/1/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • VIII/4/1/5 Inspectorate Regiment
    • VIII/4/2 Infantry Brigade
      • VIII/4/2/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • VIII/4/2/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • VIII/4/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • VIII/4/2/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • VIII/4/2/5 Inspectorate Regiment
IX Corps
IX Corps Headquarters
  • IX Corps
    • IX Command Echelon
      • IX/0/1 Command Staff
        • IX/0/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
        • IX/0/1/2 Inspectorate Regiment
Humahuaca South Lyrica
IX / 1st Division
  • IX/1 Division
    • IX/1/0 Command Echelon
      • IX/1/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/1/0/2 Inspectorate Regiment
    • IX/1/1 Infantry Brigade
      • IX/1/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/1/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • IX/1/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • IX/1/1/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • IX/1/1/5 Inspectorate Regiment
    • IX/1/2 Infantry Brigade
      • IX/1/2/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/1/2/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • IX/1/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • IX/1/2/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • IX/1/2/5 Inspectorate Regiment
IX / 2nd Division
  • IX/2 Division
    • IX/2/0 Command Echelon
      • IX/2/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/2/0/2 Inspectorate Regiment
    • IX/2/1 Infantry Brigade
      • IX/2/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/2/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • IX/2/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • IX/2/1/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • IX/2/1/5 Inspectorate Regiment
    • IX/2/2 Infantry Brigade
      • IX/2/2/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/2/2/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • IX/2/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • IX/2/2/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • IX/2/2/5 Inspectorate Regiment
IX / 3rd Division
  • IX/3 Division
    • IX/3/0 Command Echelon
      • IX/3/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/3/0/2 Inspectorate Regiment
    • IX/3/1 Infantry Brigade
      • IX/3/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/3/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • IX/3/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • IX/3/1/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • IX/3/1/5 Inspectorate Regiment
    • IX/3/2 Infantry Brigade
      • IX/3/2/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/3/2/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • IX/3/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • IX/3/2/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • IX/3/2/5 Inspectorate Regiment
Nouveau Geneva
IX / 4th Division
  • IX/4 Division
    • IX/4/0 Command Echelon
      • IX/4/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/4/0/2 Inspectorate Regiment
    • IX/4/1 Infantry Brigade
      • IX/4/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/4/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • IX/4/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • IX/4/1/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • IX/4/1/5 Inspectorate Regiment
    • IX/4/2 Infantry Brigade
      • IX/4/2/1 Command & Control Regiment
      • IX/4/2/2 Area Defence Regiment
      • IX/4/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • IX/4/2/4 Commissariat Regiment
      • IX/4/2/5 Inspectorate Regiment
Ciudad Roas


The Federal Navy maintains numerous naval installations which act as the home bases, training centres, repair & construction facilities and command centres. These installations help to support and maintain the Federal Navy in its operations on a regular basis and are an important component of the support structure of the Military of Alduria-Wechua. The Federal Navy draws heavily upon the maritime and martial traditions of Alexandria, Caputia, and Gotzborg.

The lynchpin of the organisation of the Federal Navy are the fleet dockyards, primarily for the maintenance, overhaul, and repair of vessels, which also include base infrastructure for headquarters units, fuelling facilities, arsenals, and supply depots. Fleet dockyards are typically built in heavily defensible positions protected by coastal artillery emplacements, small harbour defence vessels, and perimeter defence troops drawn from the shore establishment of naval personnel stationed at the dockyards. Fleet dockyards are always referred to as "His Majesty's Alduro-Wechuan Dockyard", suitably abbreviated where appropriate, so for example - HMAW Dockyard Punta Santiago.

Next in size comes the Base. The base, while smaller than the Dockyard, usually has many of the same facilities although on a smaller scale. Defence will likewise be less than what would be found at a Dockyard. There are limited repair and outfitting facilities, typically geared towards vessels of around 500 tonnes. Bases are referred to much like dockyards, for example HMAW Naval Base San Francisco.

The Naval Station is next and is subdivided into two types, regular or Colonial. A regular Naval Station is a permanent installation while a Colonial Naval Station is usually a temporary facility intended to support only a specific mission or effort being made at the time. A Naval Station, whether regular or Colonial is a facility whose repair capabilities are very basic. Defensibly, a Naval Station only has assigned a contingent of ships' personnel for base protection and does not have coastal artillery available. Naval Stations are normally not built into a defensible area and sea-side protection is often provided by the units assigned to the area as opposed to having its own units, however some Stations do employ small cutters, inspection vessels and motor launches. Supply facilities are minor but can offer replenishment for a vessels artillery, food and associated needs but would not be able to replenish a major fleet or large squadron of ships for instance. All Naval stations provide refuelling facilities however these are limited and cannot provide for simultaneous replenishment of vessels like a Base or Dockyard can. Colonial stations are found in the new states founded in the Skerries Isles and the settlement of southern Jaris, and are hence dependent upon the regular resupply of provisions and fuel to maintain their effectiveness.

The smallest installation is the Naval Establishment which does not necessarily have to be located within a coastal region. The Establishment can be considered more like a 'whistle-stop' and provides only the most basic of communications, docking, fuelling and supply facilities and in some cases, none of those. Inland, the establishment is a unit used for the recruitment and training of naval personnel, as well as acting as the centre for all Naval Reserve activity, and also in certain circumstances to serve as an administrative unit supporting naval personnel attached to combined arms formations.

The present manpower establishment of the Federal Navy comprises of 106 admirals, 515 post-captains, 394 commanders, 2,091 lieutenants, 8,200 other officers, 168,000 other ranks, and 144,000 marines.

Apollonian Fleet

The Apollonian Fleet is the main naval force for Lyrica, New Luthoria, and the Islas de la Libertad. It is the smallest of the three fleets, and is based out HMAW Dockyard Beaufort. They have secondary Naval Bases at Rochefort and Estefanía. In total, they have three Battle Groups: Lyrica, New Luthoria, and Libertad BGs. Only Lyrica BG possesses a Cruiser and Destroyer ship, as well as an Amphibious Transport Dock. There is also the 3-sub large Apollonian Submarine Group.

Euran Fleet

The Euran Fleet serves as the naval force for Alduria. It is only slightly smaller than the Keltian Fleet, and is based at HMAW Dockyard Punta Santiago. It has Naval Bases at Beauhamais and Piriya. It has three Battle Groups: North, West, and East BGs. Each possesses at least 1 cruiser and 1 destroyer, and there are two Submarine Groups of 4 subs each. North BG also posesses an Amphibious Assault Ship and a Amphibious Transport Dock.

Keltian Fleet

The Keltian Fleet serves as the main naval force for Wechua, Santander, and Valencia. It is the largest fleet, and is based out of HMAW Dockyards Jirishanca. It has a Naval Base at San Fransisco. It is divided into two Battle Groups: West and South. Each Possesses at least 1 Cruiser and 1 Destroyer, and there is the Euran Submarine Group with 9 subs. West BG furthermore possesses an Amphibious Assault Ship and Amphibious Transport Dock. The fleet also possesses the Pride of the Fleet, the light aircraft carrier HMS Manco Capac.

Colonial Marines and Auxiliaries

The remit of the Colonial Marines and the Auxiliaries as a combined force, covered the defence and security of the littoral waters, harbours and port installations, coastal settlements, and overall exclusive economic zone (EEZ) that passed under the sovereignty of Alduria-Wechua during the colonial expansions that followed in the wake of the Proclamation of Punta Santiago. With the majority of existing naval assets assigned to the Apollonian, Euran and Keltian Fleets, in line with their origins with the naval services of Alduria and the Wechua Nation prior to the establishment of the union, the needs of the initial Colonial Fleet were met by a combination of new builds, procured directly from the shipyards of the Pontecorvo Firm, and requisitioned commercial shipping.

Each colonial state of the new foundations (North Lyrica, South Lyrica, etc) serves as the duty station for a Marine Infantry Brigade subordinated to the Colonial Marine Command. A Marine Infantry Brigade consists of four demi-regiments (x1 Command & Control, x2 Landing Force, x1 Raiding Force) and one combat support regiment (x1 Amphibious Mobility Cohort, x1 Artillery Landing Cohort, x1 Combat Service Support Cohort) amounting to a total establishment of 3,600 marines per brigade.

Air Force

The Federal Air Force of Alduria-Wechua had been in existence for a scant five years as of 1690 AN. However in terms of personnel and equipment the air force could trace its lineages back to the aviation arms of the military of Alduria and the military of the Wechua Nation. Both these forces were of minimal establishments, with the burden of air defence both on Eura and Keltia being shouldered by the continental theatre commands of the Raspur Pact. Since the Proclamation of Punta Santiago in 1685, and especially with the ensuing concerted effort to infill the gap between the two realms through an intensive programme of colonisation culminating in the pacification of Lyrica, the air force has had to expand exponentially in order to ensure territorial coverage and support for land and maritime assets that were, at times, perilously spread thin during the campaigns of conquest and settlement that had been embarked upon.

Aware that it would not be facing organised resistance by first rate opponents under any circumstances where the assistance of the Raspur Pact could not be swiftly called upon, the expansion of the air force was initially predicated upon the mass production of comparatively cheap light attack aircraft and medium transport planes - the T-4/A-4 Flecha and the C-11 Mula respectively - distributed across ten air fleets with modern multi-role strike aircraft organised into two Federal Air Defence Wings (one stationed in Cárdenas and the other at Punta Santiago) with the Federal School of Aviation based at Parap receiving the two-seater training versions of the FA-9B Banshee and the remainder of the dedicated training aircraft (x10 T-2/A-2 Saeqeh, x25 T-3 Akóntio, x26 TP-5 Alpha).

The advantage of this programme, although it delayed the building up of an advanced striking force, such as that put into being by Sanama over a comparable period, was that the air force instead focused on building up cadres of experienced pilots, well versed in ground attack missions, ready for conversion to fast jets when these began to enter service as the multinational Project 1700 entered into its maturation and production phase. The modernisation and expansion plans for the air force, centred around the F-9 Ashavan II, F-17 Axarana, Javelin F-18 Cyclone, Javelin Industries helicopter series, and R-2 Krähenwürger heavy assault rotorcraft, are intended to be complete by the year 1720 AN.

Within the aforementioned resource constraints the Federal Air Force attempts to maintain one air fleet per region, subdivided into banner air groups corresponding to the number of states within their respective region of operation. The number of airframes, and accordingly of operational squadrons, is determined by the contributions to the Continental Theatre Commands of the Raspur Pact, as mandated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. There is a high degree of flexibility in the internal organisation of the air fleets, with the rapid transfer of aircraft and aircrews between banner air groups according to operational needs. This means that squadrons tend to form, transfer, and disband, with great alacrity - meaning however that esprit de corps is sometimes wanting as units of a necessarily temporary nature struggle to achieve meaningful cohesion.

Ground-Based Air Defence Establishment

11x Ground-based Air Defence Divisions. Commencement from 13.V.1693 AN Details to follow.

Federal Guards Service

Federal Royal Guards

The Federal Royal Guards are an independent, highly-trained unit of the Federal Forces tasked primarily with the protection of the King, the Royal Family, important members of the Government, and visiting foreign heads of state or government. The Federal Royal Guard also provides physical security for the Palace of Carranza, the Cortes Federales building, the residences of the President and Vice-President of the Government, and all foreign diplomatic missions in Cárdenas, FCD. This also includes protective operations to coordinate manpower and logistics with regional and local law enforcement, protective advances to conduct site and venue assessments for protectees, and protective intelligence to investigate all manners of threats made against protectees. The Federal Royal Guards is also in charge of the planning, coordination, and implementation of security operations for events designated as special events requiring extra security provisions and planning, usually involving foreign heads of state or government or a member of the Government or the Royal Family. As part of the Guards' mission of preventing an incident before it occurs, the agency relies on meticulous advance work and threat assessments developed by its Intelligence Division to identify and neutralize potential risks.

The Federal Royal currently has a strength of 4,800 troops, constituting a fully functional combat unit drawn from the ranks of all branches of the Federal Forces.

Coast Guard

Border Guard

Skerrian levies of the Border Guard undergoing basic training in New Luthoria, circa 1699 AN.

Federal Support Corps

The Federal Support Corps serve as the military corps that are shared by all the branches of the Federal Forces, often providing specific professional expertise or support to the Federal Forces.

The Federal Support Corps are five:

  • the Military Emergencies Unit;
  • the Military Legal Corps;
  • the Military Comptroller Corps;
  • the Military Medical Corps;
  • the Military Band Unit.

Initially comprising of 36,000 personnel assigned to the Military Emergencies Unit, the Military Legal Corps, the Military Comptroller Corps, the Military Medical Corps, and the Military Band Corps, the Federal Support Corps would expand rapidly after 1691 AN to provide the main source of general purpose auxiliaries and construction troops required for the Defence Special Works Programme and provides the primary interface between the Federal Forces and the National Qullqa System, allowing for resources to be requisitioned from the latter and delivered to the specified destination point.

Military Emergencies Unit

A brigade strength formation, six thousand strong, comprised of five regiments, dedicated to providing disaster relief services and aid to the civil power.

Regiment Headquarters Area Served
1st MEU Narbonne Alduria (West Bank)
2nd MEU Bathshahr Alduria (East Bank & Baatharz)
3rd MEU Parap Wechua
4th MEU Cárdenas Federal Capital District & Santander
5th MEU Chambery Valencia
Military Legal Corps

The Military Legal Corps of the Federal Forces works in judicial and legal advising and assessment in the Department of Defense and in all military tribunals and judicial organizations.

Military Comptroller Corps

The Military Comptroller Corps exercises the internal audit of the economic and financial management of the Department of Defense and the Federal Forces, and of all military public agencies dependent on it. Likewise, it is responsible for acting as the military notary in the form and conditions established by the laws and for advising in matters of its competence to the superior and directive departments of the Department.

Military Medical Corps

The Military Medical Corps is entrusted with attention and care for the health of service members of the Federal Forces and all related fields, such as psychology, pharmacology, and veterinary medicine.

Military Band Unit

The Military Band Unit is in charge of all the Federal Forces' music bands and services, such as but not limited to the preparation and direction of its military branches.

Euran Auxiliary Corps

In the aftermath of Operation Paramount, the 9 Rapid Response Units deployed into the region were withdrawn for reassignment to Norvind for operations against Zeed in the culminating months of the Third Euran War. This left security in the newly established state of Villalba in the hands of the Federal Guards service, which deployed a mixed force of border guards and personnel from the Federal Support Corps to fill the void. By this stage the initial landing zones taken by airborne assault in 1698 had been turned into forward operating bases and the next phase of Augustus Strong's "ink-blot" strategy for the conquest of Villalba State was to transform these sites into colonial settlements. To this end, on 18.XIII.1699 AN orders were sent out by the Secretary of Defence to the mayors of municipalities in the regions of Alduria, Santander, and the Wechua Nation, to collect those able-bodied presently in detention within their jurisdictions, for selection parades that would be attended by officers of the Federal Guards Service on 24.XV.1699 AN. The municipalities would receive a 1,000 écu cash bounty for every suitable person selected for voluntary enlistment, so as to incentivise their cooperation. These recruits would be assigned to the nine cantonments now in the possession of the FGS, where a colonial regiment apiece would be raised.

Corps-General Eugène Fouché, a veteran of the pacification of Altus, was recalled to the colours from retirement and appointed to the command of the Euran Auxiliary Corps on 20.II.1700 AN.



Aircraft Origin Type Image № in Service Notes
Combat Aircraft
A-5 Tejón de Miel Alduria-Wechua Javelin Industries Close air support Javelin T-5-A-5 Tejón de Miel.png 984
  • Prototype evaluation commenced 1691 AN.
  • In service from 1692 AN.
  • 40x transferred to Elluenuueq, 1695 AN.
  • 400x converted to jet trainer role, 1708 AN.
1x lost to enemy action over Rusjar 1699 AN.
B-67 Shahrukh Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal strategic bomber B-67 Shahrukh.png 3
  • Transferred from Aerospace Service of the Black Legions (1697 AN).
  • For use as technology demonstration testbeds.
FA-9A Banshee Talenore fighter (single-seat Multirole) FA9 Banshee.png 23 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.
FA-9B Banshee Talenore fighter (Two-seat trainer/Multirole) 3 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.
F-9 Ashavan III Multi-role strike aircraft F-9 Ashavan III.png 122
  • 2x evaluation prototypes received 1708 AN.
  • 120x ordered with delivery in three tranches by 1715 AN.
F-17 Axarana Raspur Pact Axarana Industrial Consortium air superiority fighter F-17 Axarana.png 42
  • Initial production models received for evaluation 1699 AN.
  • Operational Conversion Unit formed 1704 AN.
F-18 Cyclone Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries Strategic deep-strike fighter Project Cyclone.png 4
  • Evaluation prototype received, 1700 AN.
  • In service date, 1710 AN
Javelin F-19 Greystrike Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries Air superiority fighter JAVF-19-GreyStrike.png 2 Evaluation prototypes received and undergoing trials, 1705 AN
F-21 Heavenscream Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries STOVL strike fighter F-21-Heavenscream.png 24 Evaluation prototypes received and undergoing trials, 1706 AN.
Helicopters & Rotorcraft
H-1 Menace Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries Reconnaissance & attack rotorcraft JavelinH-1Menace1699AN.png 240 In service from 1708 AN
H-2 Siren Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries Utility helicopter JavelinH-2Siren1699.png 160
  • In service from 1708 AN.
  • Production to continue at 40x per year until 1712 AN.
R-2 Krähenwürger Attack rotorcraft R-2 Krähenwürger.png 292 In service from 1708 AN.
Patrol Aircraft
AEW-1 Buscadora Nouvelle Alexandrie ESB Susa Airborne early warning aircraft AEW-1 Buscadora.png 10 In service, 1708 AN.
P-2 Navegador Nouvelle Alexandrie ESB Susa Maritime patrol aircraft P-2 Navegador.png 48 In service, 1708 AN.
Trainer Aircraft
T-4/A-4 Flecha Alduria ESB Susa Turboprop trainer T-4 Flecha Alduria.png 1,967
  • In service from 1676 AN onwards;
  • Peak number in service - 3,027 (1692 AN);
  • 470x transferred to Constancia (1694 AN);
  • 470x transferred to Suren (1694 AN);
  • 120x transferred to Elluenuueq (1694 AN).
  • Removed from light attack role with arrival of first domestically manufactured attack rotorcraft, 1708 AN.
T-5 Tejón de Miel Alduria-Wechua Javelin Industries Jet trainer Javelin T-5-A-5 Tejón de Miel.png 400
  • Transferred from attack role to jet training 1708 AN.
T-6 Preceptora Nouvelle Alexandrie ESB Susa Twin-engine turboprop trainer T-6 Preceptora.png 240 In service, 1708 AN
C-11 Mula Alduria ESB Susa transport C-11 Mula.png 1,883
  • 1x lost to enemy action over Rusjar 1699 AN
  • 24x lost to enemy action over Avey 1699 AN.
MCJ100 Talenore transport/reconnaissance 1 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Javelin M-1 Eternal Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries High altitude theatre reconnaissance M-1-Eternal.png 6
  • Operated on behalf of the Raspur Pact.
  • Assigned to continental theatre commands.
M-2 Dragoon Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries Remote reconnaissance & light attack M-2-Dragoon.png 120
  • Evaluation prototypes received, 1698 AN.
  • In service, 1708 AN.
Retired Aircraft
F-8 Shrike Shireroth fighter F-8M.png 12
T-2/A-2 Saeqeh Normark Sårensby Industrial Area light attack aircraft / trainer OAH Saeqeh.png 10 In service from 1659 AN onwards. Stationed in Wechua. Retired 1708 AN.
T-3 Akóntio Constancia Ergostásio Aeroskafón light attack aircraft / trainer Vey Akintos.png 25 In service from 1659 AN onwards. Stationed in Wechua. Retired 1708 AN.
TP-5 Alpha Shireroth jet trainer 26 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN. Retired 1708 AN.
UH-123 Hawk Talenore utility 10 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.
UH-500 Protector Talenore light attack / scout 4 Purchased from Talenore, 1681 AN.


Name Origin Type № in Service Photo Notes
Ground-based Air Defence System
Geneva 2 Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries Anti-Ballistic Missile System 184 batteries Geneva2Launch.jpg Initial entry into service 1680 AN. Full operational capacity 1703 AN onward.
Silver Hammer Alduria Silver Hammer Consortium C-RAM and short range air defence system 824 batteries Silver-hammer.jpg Initial entry into service 1675 AN. Full operational capacity 1688 AN onward.
System-2 Missile Complex Unified Governorates Šlomxala Arsenal SAM system / rocket artillery 96 batteries System 2 Missile Complex.png Initial entry into service 1678 AN. Full operational capacity 1689 AN onward.
Self-propelled Artillery
BK-IV 155 mm self-propelled howitzer Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal 155 mm self-propelled howitzer / field gun
  • 180
BK-IV Bastiat 155 mm SPH.png Evaluation piece received 1690 AN. Final delivery received 1703 AN.
Towed Artillery
M1681 105 mm howitzer Alduria-Wechua Javelin Industries 105 mm howitzer / field gun 12,200 M1681 105 mm howitzer.png Entered service 1685 AN onwards.

Small Arms

Name Origin Type № in Service Photo Notes
Knives, Grenades, Miscellaneous Implements
Ayllos (hunting-bolas) Wechua National Qullqa System 774,123 Issued to the Federal Guards Service
Chambi (cudgel) Wechua National Qullqa System 4,010,097 Issued to the Federal Guards Service
Chaska Chiqui (star-headed mace) Wechua National Qullqa System 467,859 Issued to the Federal Guards Service
Clinger Bomb, Adhesive Anti-Tank Grenade Wechua National Qullqa System 4,515,000
Cuncha Chucuna (axe) Wechua National Qullqa System 121,695 Issued to the Federal Guards Service
Estólica (spear-thrower) Wechua National Qullqa System 429,933 Issued to the Federal Guards Service
Florian Cocktail (Tar, sulphur, petrol, sand, & wick) Wechua National Qullqa System 60,000,000+
Huaraca (sling) Wechua National Qullqa System 910,455 Issued to the Federal Guards Service
Suchuc Chiqui (halberd) Wechua National Qullqa System 139,482 Issued to the Federal Guards Service (ceremonial usage)
Pistols / Carbines / Rifles
M1525 9 mm Pistol Normark Sårensby Arsenal
Wechua National Qullqa System
Pistol 565,000 M1523 9mm Pistol.png Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673 & 1674. Widespread unlicensed production in Wechua regions.
M1581 7.62 mm Machine Carbine Normark Sårensby Arsenal
Wechua National Qullqa System
Carbine 1,803,000 M1581 7.62mm Machine Carbine.png
  • Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673 & 1674. Widespread unlicensed production in Wechua regions.
  • Issued to the Federal Guards Service.
M1591 7.62 mm Rifle Normark Sårensby Arsenal
Wechua National Qullqa System
Marksman Rifle 1,150,000 M1591 7.62 mm Rifle.png
  • Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673 & 1674. Widespread unlicensed production in Wechua regions.
  • 500,000x transferred to the Suren as military aid, 1694 AN
  • Issued to Lyrican and Skerrian levies of the Border Guard.
M1656 9 mm SMG Normark Sårensby Arsenal
Wechua National Qullqa System
Submachine Gun 3,468,356 M1656 SMG.png
  • Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673 & 1674. Widespread unlicensed production in Wechua regions.
  • Issued to the Federal Guards Service
M1686 assault rifle (7.62×67mmB) Nouvelle Alexandrie Javelin Industries Assault Rifle 500,000 M1686 (7.62×67mmB).png Production licenced from Mishalan Arsenal. 500,000x assault rifles ordered (1687 AN). 500,000x assault rifles ordered (1693 AN).
M1690 machine pistol (9x19mm) Machine Pistol 2,500,000 M1690 machine pistol (9x19mm).png Production licenced from Mishalan Arsenal. 2,500,000x machine-pistols ordered (1692 AN).
Machine Guns
Polybolos 12.7 mm HMG Normark Sårensby Arsenal Heavy Machine Gun 32,000 Polybolos .50 HMG.png Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673 & 1674.


Name Origin Type № in Service Photo Notes
Armoured Fighting Vehicles
AFV3 Vindicator Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal Main battle tank 252 BK-3 Verteidiger.png Assigned to Heavy Tank Squadrons (14 per squadron) of Vanguard Regiments in the Armoured Combat Units. In service since 1688 AN.
AFV4 Bastiat Unified Governorates Mishalan Arsenal Armoured guided missile vehicle
  • Flankguard configuration: 1,080
  • Rangeguard configuration: 384
  • Skyguard configuration: 540
BK-IV Bastiat.png Half of vehicle strength assigned to Armoured Combat Units, with one third of vehicle strength held for spares, and the remaining third held for operational training. In service since 1688 AN.
HK-IV M1707 Stalker Benacian Union Mishalan Arsenal Tracked anti-tank vehicle 50 HK-IV M1707 Stalker.png
Support Vehicles
Ahvaz utility land cruiser Alduria Ahvaz Automotive Engineering Company All-terrain utility vehicle 10,057 Mainstay of the combat support services of the Military of Alduria. In service since 1675 AN. All purpose support vehicle.
Rz.Kfz 1714 Razkampfwagen Nouvelle Alexandrie Ahvaz Automotive Engineering Company Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle 524/12,000 Rz.Kfz 1714 Razkampfwagen.png Ordered in 1714 AN.


Name Origin Type № in Service Photo Notes
Aircraft Carriers
Proclamacion-class light aircraft carrier Alduria Pontecorvo Firm, Pontecorvo Light aircraft carrier 1 Proclamacion-class-light-aircraft-carrier.jpg In service from 1712 AN.
Amphibious Warfare Ships
Behaurnais-class amphibious assault ship Alduria Pontecorvo Firm, Pontecorvo Helicopter landing dock 2 Beauharnais-class-amphibious-assault-ship.jpg In service from 1687 AN.
Ignatius-class amphibious transport dock Alduria Pontecorvo Firm, Pontecorvo Amphibious transport dock 3 Ignatius-class-amphibious-transport-dock.jpg In service from 1687 AN.
Augustine-class cruiser Alduria Pontecorvo Firm, Pontecorvo Guided missile cruiser 6 Augustine-class-cruiser-ship.jpg In service from 1687 AN.
Caputia-class helicopter cruiser Alduria ESB Armada, Susa Helicopter-cruiser 3 Caputia-class helicopter cruiser.jpg In service from 1679 AN.
Dominator-class missile cruiser Alduria ESB Armada, Susa Guided missile cruiser 12 Dominator-class missile cruiser.png In service from 1688 AN.
Valeria-class destroyer Alduria Pontecorvo Firm, Pontecorvo Guided missile destroyer 6 Valeria-class-destroyer.jpg In service from 1687 AN.
Custodia-class destroyer Alduria ESB Armada, Susa Guided missile destroyer 4 Custodio-class-destroyer.jpg In service from 1705 AN.
Patrol Vessels
Alvarenga-class littoral combat ship Alduria Pontecorvo Firm, Pontecorvo Littoral combat ship 3 Alvarenga-class-littoral-combat-ship.jpg In service from 1687 AN.
Isabella-class mine countermeasure ship Alduria-Wechua Pontecorvo Firm Minesweeper 12 Isabella-class-mine-countermeasure-ships.jpg In service from 1685 AN.
Klimatariá-class Missile Corvette Constancia Akeraiótita Dockyards, Aqaba Corvette 6 Klimatariá-class Missile Corvette.png Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673.
Melusine-class Missile Boat Constancia Akeraiótita Dockyards, Aqaba Missile attack craft 20 Melusine-class fast attack missile boat.png Supplied by ESB Susa in 1673.
Napoleon-class cutter Alduria-Wechua Pontecorvo Firm Maritime security cutter 61 Napoleon-class.png In service from 1684 AN. Operated by naval crews for the Federal Coast Guard.
Berthier-class Cutter Alduria Pontecorvo Firm, Pontecorvo Medium maritime security cutter 25 Asset 2Berthier-class.png In service from 1687 AN. Operated by naval crews for the Federal Coast Guard.
Piriya-class coastal patrol ship Alduria-Wechua Pontecorvo Firm Patrol vessel 30 Piriya-class-coastal-patrol-ship.jpg In service from 1686 AN.
Seafox-class corvette Sanama SSMI Corvette 20 Seafox-class corvette.png In service from 1685 AN.
Type XXV U-Boat Sanama Port Niyi Shipyards, Port Niyi Attack Submarine 14 Awake submarine.png In service from 1679 AN.
Type XXVII U-Boat Nouvelle Alexandrie Pontecorvo Firm Attack Submarine 15 Franciscania-class-attack-submarine.jpg
  • In service from 1690 AN.
Type XXVIII U-Boat Nouvelle Alexandrie Pontecorvo Firm Ballistic Missile Submarine 5 Tudela-class-ballistic-missile-submarine.png
  • In service from 1694 AN.
Logistic Support Vessel Sathrati Amity Shipyards, Erudition Logistic support ship 5 Gravcarrier.png Released from Allied Production Matrix1685 AN.
Auxiliary Cruisers, no-standard type Alduria ESB Susa, Susa Auxiliary cruiser 28 Local conversions made from 1676 AN onward.
Cárdenas-class ocean surveillance ship Alduria Pontecorvo Firm, Pontecorvo Ocean surveillance ship 6 Cardenas-class.jpg In service from 1687 AN. Assigned to the Colonial Fleet.
Compassion-class hospital ship Alduria Pontecorvo Firm, Pontecorvo Hospital ship 10 Compassion-class-ship1.jpg In service from 1687 AN. Assigned to the Colonial Fleet.
Florimell-class Troop Landing Ship Unified Governorates Rothaven Boatyards, Lachmeren Troop landing ship 20 Released from Allied Production Matrix1685 AN.
Landing Ship, Tank, no-standard type Alduria ESB Susa, Susa Landing ship 6 Local conversions made from 1676 AN onward.
Rustolium-class Submarine Shireroth Unknown naval yard, Brookshire Submarine 1 Rustolium-class Submarine.png In service from 1679 AN to 1694 AN. Retired from service following discovery of extreme metal fatigue owing to age. Fate: Retired for conversion into a museum ship, assigned a permanent drydock berth in the port of San Francisco.

Ranks and uniforms

Illustration of the varieties of uniform liable to be encountered in the Federal Forces
Table of Grades and Ranks of the Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie
Grade Insignia RP Rank Code Rank Pay
Chiefs of Staff
FFNA 0F-10.png OF-10
  • Captain-General
  • Combined Officer Pay x10
  • Pay doubled if appointed a Marshal General of the Federation.
General Officers
FFNA 0F-9.png OF-9
  • General
  • Admiral
  • Combined Officer Pay x9
  • Pay doubled if appointed a Marshal General of the Federation.
FFNA OF-8.png OF-8
  • Corps-General
  • Vice-Admiral
Combined Officer Pay x8
FFNA OF-7.png OF-7
  • Division-General
  • Rear-Admiral
Combined Officer Pay x7
FFNA OF-6.png OF-6
  • Brigadier-General
  • Commodore
Combined Officer Pay x6
Senior Officers
FFNA OF-5.png OF-5
  • Colonel
  • Colonel-at-Sea
Combined Officer Pay x5
FFNA OF-4.png OF-4
  • Lieutenant-Colonel
  • Ship-Commander
Combined Officer Pay x4
FFNA OF-3.png OF-3 Commandant Combined Officer Pay x3
Junior Officers
FFNA OF-3.png OF-2 Captain Combined Officer Pay x2
FFNA OF-1.png OF-1 Lieutenant
  • Standing Grant to Officers (16,500 écu) and basic rate of pay (7,500 écu) meaning Combined Officer Pay of 24,000 écu per annum.
FFNA OF(C).png OF(C) Cadet
  • Standing Grant to Officers set a 16,500 écu per annum.
  • Educational Bursary set at 3,000 per annum.
Non-Commissioned Officers
200px OR-9 Adjutant Basic rate of pay x9
OR-8 Warrant Officer Basic rate of pay x8
OR-7 Petty Officer Basic rate of pay x7
OR-6 Banner Sergeant Basic rate of pay x6
OR-5 Sergeant Basic rate of pay x5
Enlisted Men
200px OR-4 Cabo Basic rate of pay x4
  • Chosen Man
  • Leading Mariner
Basic rate of pay x3
  • Soldier 1st Class
  • Able Mariner
Basic rate of pay x2
  • Soldier
  • Mariner
  • Enlistment bounty 2,500 écu (less deductions);
  • Basic rate of pay 7,500 écu per annum

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