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Klimatariá-class Missile Corvette

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Klimatariá-class Missile Corvette
Klimatariá-class Missile Corvette.png
Type: Missile Corvette
Place of origin: Constancia Constancia
In commission: 1661 AN
Used by:
№ Completed 25
Propulsion: ESBT CODAG
Armament: Defensive:
  • x1 Flechette Launcher
  • x2 20mm CIWS
Sensors and Processing Systems:
  • ES-2: magnetic anomaly detector
  • ES-9: Transponder System
  • ES-11: fire control radar
  • ES-25: Anti-Mine Degaussing System
  • ES-26: VERITAS encrypted telex system
  • ES-27: Froyalan SAR/MTI radar
  • ES-30: Towed Sonar Array
  • ES-31: Straylight hull-mounted sonar suite

An evolution of the Elwynn-class corvette, designed for service in the Constancian Navy.