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Israati-Haifan Defense Force

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Israati-Haifan Defense Force
Active 1716 AN
Allegiance Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
Type Paramilitary
Engagements Operation Purple Splendor

The Israati-Haifan Defense Force (IHDF) is a paramilitary organization composed of Caputian, Haifan, and Israati volunteers and former military veterans. Formed in late 1716 AN, the IHDF was formed in response to the decaying order and security in the lands near Nouvelle Alexandrie owned by the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union. on the continent of Keltia. The paramilitary group participated in Operation Purple Splendor, but it had not received any official sanction or approval for operation from the Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie.


The IHDF was formed in late 1716 AN by a group of New Alexandrian citizens that were former Caputians, mainly of Haifan and Israati descent who had served in several regional conflicts following the collapse of Caputia and the campaign of terror wrought upon the continent by an unchecked Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union. The group was founded in response to the increasing violence in the region due to the noted slow collapse of Bassarid authority in Keltia.

The group gained attention during Operation Purple Splendor in 1717 AN, where they participated alongside other paramilitary groups in the campaign against the resistance encountered by the Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie during the oipening stages of Operation Purple Splendor. The IHDF was noted for their effectiveness, particularly in their ability to adapt quickly to changing situations and their willingness to take risks.

At the conclusion of Operation Purple Splendor, the IHDF received the commendation of the Secretary of Defense, Felipe de Almagro, for their services during the campaign and the subsequent expulsion of Bassarid subjects to Corum.

As of 1721 AN, the intention of the FHP administration is to regularise former loyalist paramilitary groups, such as the IHDF, as part of the Grand Army of the Federation.


The IHDF is organized into a series of autonomous units, each with its own leadership structure and operational focus. These units focus on recruiting former Caputians of Haifan and Israati descent that know the geographical area and can provide a greater degree of local knowledge and expertise. Despite the decentralized structure of the group, there is a degree of coordination between units. This coordination is facilitated through a series of liaisons and communication channels, allowing for rapid response and efficient use of resources.

Key figures and leaders

Name Background Role in IHDF Notable Achievements
Avi Shapiro Caputian veteran Commander of Unit Alpha Led successful raids against Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union outposts in Keltia
Rachel Cohen Former intelligence officer for Caputia Intelligence Officer for the IHDF Provided vital intelligence that led to the successful capture of several key targets
Eliana Levy Caputian veteran Sniper for the IHDF Eliminated several key enemy targets during Operation Purple Splendor
Moshe David Former Caputian special forces operator Trainer for the IHDF Developed innovative training techniques that have been widely adopted by the organization
Tamar Ben-Ami Former Caputian explosives expert Explosives expert for the IHDF Successfully destroyed several enemy convoys and fortified positions
Yonatan Goldberg Former Caputian soldier Medical support for the IHDF Provided crucial medical support to wounded members of the organization




The Israati-Haifan Defense Force is composed of volunteers who have served in countless wars and conflicts. As such, many members bring extensive military training and experience to the organization. However, to ensure a cohesive and effective fighting force, all members undergo additional training specific to the Israati-Haifan Defense Force.

Training for new recruits is conducted in various camps throughout the Region of the Wechua Nation. In early 1717 AN, some camps near the cities of Judah and Midyan were forcibly closed by the Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie. Since the altercation, the camps have switched to a mobile model and adaptable to changing circumstances. This has allowed the Israati-Haifan Defense Force to quickly establish training sites wherever necessary, in particular in the Keltian Green. The training regimen includes physical fitness, weapons handling, hand-to-hand combat, and small unit tactics. The emphasis is on flexibility, adaptability, and quick thinking, rather than rigid adherence to doctrine or procedures.

In addition to basic training, members are also given the opportunity to specialize in certain areas such as reconnaissance, explosives, or medical support. These specialized training programs are only available to members who have demonstrated proficiency in their basic training. The IHDF places great emphasis on realistic training scenarios, often incorporating live-fire exercises and simulations of real-world combat situations. This approach has proven to be highly effective, as members of the organization have been able to successfully operate in diverse environments, from urban combat to rural guerrilla warfare.


The IHDF has faced significant criticism from various factions within government of Nouvelle Alexandrie, Caputians living in Nouvelle Alexandrie, and the military establishment. Some have accused the group of being nothing more than a band of vigilantes, driven by personal vendettas and a desire for revenge against the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union. Others have argued that the group poses a serious threat to the stability and security of the region, operating outside of the established military chain of command and with little regard for the safety of innocent civilians. Despite these criticisms, supporters of the Israati-Haifan Defense Force maintain that the group provides a much-needed supplement to the existing military forces in the region. According to some reports, the group's nimble, agile approach to conflict has allowed them to achieve significant successes against heavily armed and well-organized opponents, including several key victories that have opened up paths of success against the tough resistance being encountered by New Alexandrian forces in Operation Purple Splendor.

Furthermore, the Israati-Haifan Defense Force has been successful in recruiting large numbers of volunteers from Caputian, Haifan, and Israati communities, many of whom have been personally affected by decades of conflict in the region. While the group's methods may be unorthodox, it is clear that the Israati-Haifan Defense Force has emerged as a significant player in the ongoing conflict in the region. Whether they will continue to operate independently or be absorbed into the existing military apparatus remains to be seen.

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